10 Ways to Save Even More Money at Trader Joes

10 Ways to Save Even More Money at Trader Joes

10 Ways to Save Even More Money at Trader Joes

These swaps and tips are so easy that you wont even realize youre making changes.

Even though Trader Joes is known for their low prices on organic produce and private-label packaged foods, theyre one of the only grocery stores thatdoesnt offer coupons or discounts. Since were always looking to save some money on our grocery trip, we dug in to find the best ways to do it at TJswithout sacrificing on the things you love to buy there.

Here, 10 ways to save more money at Trader Joes.

A newFearless Flyeris released in stores and online every month. In case youre not familiar, the Fearless Flyer lists Trader Joes latest deals and limited-edition items. If youre on a budget, its definitely worth scanning the pages to see whats on sale or what seasonal items are in store (translation: your kids holiday party snacks just got a lot cheaper.)

This is par for the course at pretty much every grocery store, but pre-seasoned or pre-cut produce will almost always be more expensive. Although TJs has delicious seasoned veggies, youre better off prepping your produce at home. Another option? Buy frozen! That way, whatever fruit or veggies you dont use can be sealed in a zip-top bag for next time.

Trader Joes frozen meals section is the stuff of dreams, and their frozen meat and fish is no exception. Though were big fans of TJs pre-marinated meats for time-crunched weeknights, buying frozen will save you some cash. Plus, you could always cook it from frozen in yourInstant Pot. To decode the healthiest items in the frozen section, check outour guide here.

Ever heard of Two-Buck Chuck? The famously inexpensive wine sold at Trader Joes can actually be pretty darn good! Plus, several other varieties are sold for under $10 and perfect for sipping on a budget.

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We know its annoying to make two different grocery store trips, but youre definitely better off buying household essentials like toilet paper and paper towels in bulk at Sams Club orCostco.

There are whispers that Trader Joes generic brands are actually doppelgangers for the real deal. For example, its rumored that Annies Organic Shells & White Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese isthe same as TJs version(just with different packaging). But either way, you can count on the fact that it tastes just as good, and is significantly less expensive.

From butternut squash fries to merlot-infused goat cheese, we love stocking up on the novelty products at Trader Joes. But to save your hard-earned cash, try sticking to just one or two fun purchases each shopping trip. And if theres anything you can make yourself for lesslike pre-marinated meat or flavored oatmealdo it.

Weve talked about this beforebut we loveTJs flowersandgreeting cards.If youre heading to a birthday party, or just need a quick housewarming gift, these two things are always great in a pinch (and on a budget!)

Trader Joes is known for their affordable frozen foods, so why not take buy a pack and use it throughout the week in multiple ways? For example, grab a pack of frozen meatballs, and eat them on top of pasta, in a sub, or baked into a casserole. Ditto with frozen fish stickseat them on their own, in a salad, or crumbled into a fish taco.

Not sure if you want to commit to a certain product without trying it first? Just ask! Trader Joes will provide samples of any product in the store (yep, even frozen foods!) And if youre not totally in love with your purchase, they have a super generous return policy.

Keeping you in the know on all the latest & greatest food and travel news, and other special offers.

Keeping you in the know on all the latest & greatest food and travel news, and other special offers.

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