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Something unusual has happened. Ive been in contact with a man I met online. Hes a few years younger than me, his profile is exciting and his photos are beyond exciting. This has never happened to me before. Id found interesting profiles, but none that made my heart thump hard. Was my heart thumping or subconsciously was my body humping? Who knows? Either way, I felt thrilled when he emailed me and phoned me.He is of Italian heritage and has been

Online dating has become an integral part of my life. Every day I receive several emails, winks, yeses and likes from men as close as my new hometown in Florida and as far away as the Czecho Republic and Greenland. Ive gone on too many dates to keep track and enjoyed them all, though I havent found that special someone. It takes time to review all the mens profiles and their correspondence, but reachout to men who seem more promising. I

My friends grandfather drove a fruit cart in the Bronx in the early 1900s. My friend was very proud of his familys fruitful legacy and, in particular, his own fruit-picking skills at the grocery store. He would carefully look at the fruit, smell the fruit, squeeze the fruit and sometimes even shake the fruit. He was determined to select the very best fruit available. Dating is like picking fruit: I look, I smelland sometimes even touch and taste. I might

If youre dating, try to compile must-have and deal-breaker lists to help screen prospective dates. The book Dating After 50 For Dummies by AARP sex and relationships expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz was useful in finalizing my wish list. The longer youre in the dating market and it does feel like a market sometimes might a must-have become a would be nice to have? And does the deal-breaker list get shorteras well? A new you within reach

My grandmother told me, Its as easy to date a rich man as it is to date a poor man. Or was that marry a rich man? Anyway, Ive dated both indiscriminately. Some own airplanes and yachts. Others have a shrinking checking account and ramen noodles in their cupboard. All I really care about is their looks Im only partially kidding. I prefer that my dates look like neither my grandfathernor my 21-year-old son. A new you within reach

Interview 100 people currently engaged in dating and I suspect the majority would say, This sucks. Theyd complain about the games the opposite gender plays with their head, body and soul. Theyd complain about the dishonesty permeating the process. And theyd complain about the time and expense committed to spinning wheels and not finding true love. Having participated in online dating, on and off, for nine months, Id agree with these sentiments.Id also add inappropriate online behavior to the

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