Top Trading and Investing Quotes from Jim Simons. LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! James Harris Simons is a billionaire and founder of Renaissance Technologies, and theres very little known about how his fund makes money. As reported by Forbes, his net worth as of February 2018 is estimated to be $20 billion, while in the previous year, it was $15.5 billion.

Billionaire James Simons: Investing, Mathematics and Life. Jim Simons ran a huge fund very much based on quantitative analysis and mathematics. What are the investment strategies of James Simons/Renaissance Technologies?

Top Trading and Investing Quotes from James Simons:

– Dont confuse luck with brains – just because youre had a bit of luck in a bull market, dont think you are a genius. Jim even recognises that luck plays a big part and accepts it for what it is.

– There are no gross inefficiencies but small ones – there arent situations where there is a massive inefficiency and this is probably true. There are inefficiencies when things get over-extended.

– Have high standards. Having standards very high for yourself – putting in the hours and sticking to the standards that you would expect or you think you require to be the trader that you want to be.

– His trading models are contrarion. (I think he trades stocks and fx)

– Past performance is a predictor of future success!

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