Zoom and Pinterest rocket higher on their stock market debuts. Is the IPO pop justified?

China economic growth stabilizes. Is it smooth sailing from here?

Canopy Growth to buy Acreage in $3.4 billion acquisition. What makes this deal unique?

Qualcomm shares rise +40% on the week. What happened?

Why is it bad to invest based solely on dividends?

Disney announces its new Disney+ streaming service. Is this a death knell for Netflix?

Saudi Aramco issues $12 billion in bonds amidst $100 billion in demand. What did the market think?

Chevron to buy Anadarko in $50 billion energy deal. Is there more to come?

FOMC minutes released. Whats the next move for the Fed?

The magazine indicator just flashed red. Time to sell everything or nah?

Tradeweb goes public. Is it the future of bond trading?

Mixed jobs reports in Canada and the U.S. How to interpret the numbers.

Tesla first quarter disappoints. Can Musk get it back on track?

Andreessen Horowitz converts into a financial advisor. Will other VCs follow?

A discussion on the future of value investing, including why cash flow measures are superior to liquidation values.

Canadian yield curve inverts. Is this bad for Canadian stocks?

Apple expands its services offering. Why are they getting into TV, finance, gaming and news?

Schwab slashes financial advisor fee to $30 per month. Is this changing the game?

Brexit update. Will this unmitigated disaster ever end?

A discussion on various stock market timing signals including CAPE, dividend yield, Baltic Dry index, market cap to GDP and the yield curve.

U.S. Treasury yield inverts: Is this a bad omen for the stock market?

IPOs: A great buy or is It Probably Overpriced?

Barrick & Newmont joint venture: Was Barricks hostile bid just a ploy?

Oaktree goes BAM. Did Howard Marks just call a market top?

Boeing 737 aircraft suffers tragic crash. What are the implications?

HEXO acquires Newstrike in $260 million deal. More to come?

No hard Brexit. Does anyone know whats going on?

Jobs, jobs jobs! Canada vs U.S. head-to-head analysis of February job gains.

China exports tumble. Whos winning the trade war?

Barrick and Newmont pursuing joint venture. Was the hostile bid just a ploy?

Norwegian SWF dumping oil stocks. Does this present an opportunity?

Bank of Canada holds rates steady, blaming recent economic slowdown.

Questions: What is your outlook on interest rates?

Hostile takeovers – what are they and how do they work?

Q4 GDP growth figures and their implications for interest rates.

Wilson-Raubould testimony and its potential effect on TSX returns and the Canadian economy.

Chinese tariffs and where the trade war is heading.

Salient points from Warren Buffetts annual letter to shareholders.

Barricks hostile bid for Newmont and why its unusual.

LYFTs upcoming IPO and its financial performance.

How multi-billion-dollar endowments are investing their money.

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