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Profile Cast: Rich Man (리치맨) – Korean Drama 2018

Profile Cast: Rich Man (리치맨) – Korean Drama 2018

. In May 2018 MBN and Dramax television channels will air the latest Korean drama Rich Man Poor Woman adapted and remake of the popular Japanese drama series Rich Man, Poor Woman from Fuji TV 2012.

Korean DramaRich Man (리치맨)will air from May 9, 2018 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11:00 pm local time replacing the re-broadcast of K-drama High-End Crush. But on this occasion We will not discuss the synopsis of Korean dramaRich Man (리치맨).

But the cast and biodata profile every new player drakor MBN. Of course this becomes one of the main attraction because some people are sometimes more concerned with the player than the plot, therefore for you who want to know who the drama playerRich Man (리치맨), you can see the profile cast that will Admin share this time.

The male lead is a handsome actor Suho EXO who is one of the top artists from South Korea and her female actress is a beautiful actress Ha Yeon-Soo. Artist Oh Chang-Suk, Kim Ye-Won and Park Sung-Hoon will also be the dramaRich Man (리치맨). Okay now you can read the Profile Cast ofRich Man (리치맨)more.

Profile Cast of Rich Man Poor Woman1. Suho (Cast of Lee Yoo-chan)

Suho is one of the top actors from South Korea, his name is already familiar. She is a member of K-pop EXO, born on May 22, 1991 in Seoul, South Korea. Some of the drama series he has starred in is The Universes Star and also How Are You Bread.

For the Korean drama Rich Man, Suho or owner of the real name of Kim Joon Myun will play the lead role of man named Lee Yoo-Chan and his character is a CEO of IT company Next In, a company that has a snobbish yet high professional.

Date and Place of Birth: May 22, 1991, Seoul, South Korea

For beautiful actress Ha Yeon-Soo will portray the character of Kim Bo-Ra in the drama series Rich Man a man born in rural Jeju and one of the family pride who went to Seoul who had trouble finding work and dream of wanting to work in Next In, Lee Yoo-Chan.

Actress and model Ha Yeon-Soo was born on October 10, 1990 in Busan and some of the dramas she once starred among them were Drinking Solo from tvN 2016 and MBC 2014 series The Legendary Witch.

Date and Place of Birth: October 10, 1990, Busan, Gwangyuk, South Korea

Next there is actor Oh Chang Suk who will play Korean drama Rich Man, Poor Woman, He will also play the main supporting character named Min Tae-Joo. If in the Japanese version he will portray the figure of Kosuke Asahina played by Arata Iura.

Date and Place of Birth: June 2, 1982, Seoul, South Korea

Not only that actress and singer Kim Ye-Won also exist, in the latest drama series MBN Rich Man She will portray the main character of a woman named Min Tae-Ra. Previously he played in the series Revolutionary Love as supporting cast.

Date and Place of Birth: December 11, 1987, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, South Korea

5. Park Sung-Hoon (Cast of Cha Do-Jin)Handsome actor Park Sung-Hoon was born on February 18, 1985. In the drama series Rich Man, He also plays one of the important characters named Cha Do-Jin. Several times He starred in drama drama hits such as Black Knight, Mad Dog and Falsify.

Date and Place of Birth: February 18, 1985, South Korea

Education: Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts

6. Yoon Da-Young (Cast of Mi-So)Yoon Da-Young Profile

Date and Place of Birth: January 14, 1992, South Korea

7. Lee Jae-Jin (Cast of Kang Chan-Soo)Lee Jae-Jin Profile

Date and Place of Birth: December 17, 1991, Cheongju, South Korea

8. Park Hyun-Woo (Cast of Michael)Park Hyun-Woo Profile

Date and Place of Birth: June 7, 1995, South Korea

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