These products are literally always in our kitchens.

To say team Domino had a hard time narrowing down this list to just nine might be the understatement of the century, but here it is: a list of our favorite, must-have, always-in-our-carts Trader Joes itemsfrom healthy snacks to spices and sauces thatll revolutionize any meal (hello,Everything Bagel seasoning, you beautiful creation). Just be sure to keep ourinsider shopping secretsin mind when you head to your local TJs to try these outnothing worse than having to wait an extra 45 minutes to try your new finds because youre stuck in a massively long check out line.

One of the things I always have to buy at Trader Joes is a little random

! This is my secret ingredient in most foods I make at home. Its great on tofu, chicken, and veggie stir frys. Its almost 50 percent cheaper at TJs than anywhere else. Lahaina Alcantara, Digital Photo Editor

When we live in a world full of $15 nut spreads, I feel it is my duty to inform people of TJs

At only $6.99, you dont have to feel bad about how quickly youll polish off that jar. The best part? Its made solely from almonds; no palm oil or added sugar here. Amanda Johnson, Digital Content Strategy Manager

Ive tried to make my ownhomemade mac n cheese, but honestly, I think the Trader Joes frozen section does it better. My freezer is almost always stocked with their insanely good

thats 65 percent less fat than their original but tastes just as delicious. Full of creamy, cheesy deliciousness, youd never know it came out of a microwave container. Mackenzie Dunn, Contributing Writer

One thing you should know about meand probably judge me in the processis that Im not at all a sweets person. I need salty snacks at all costs, but I find chips way too oily and gross. The

are ADDICTIVE. Theyre also not at all super salty and work so well with dips like hummus and avocado. You need some mochi nuggets in your life. Nikhita Mahtani, Digital Editor

I have three Trader Joes essentials that are never not in my home. The first: the dried

. Ive purchased dried mango from many stores, but Trader Joes is the best, hands down, no questions asked. The second:

. You can freeze it, and Ive been known to stop into stores when lines are low to stock upthough checking out with six packages of ravioli in your arms is more embarrassing than you might think. Third,

. My new apartment is in a bagel desert, so now I make eggs and toast and sprinkle the seasoning on instead of going for my usual BEC! Alyssa Clough, Social Media Editor

craze, and I can assure you that those 15 months were a complete waste. How did I live without this? As a person who eats eggs sometimes twice a day, this spice blend has become integral to my happiness. I could easily go through a single shaker in a month. TJs, please make this available by the case! Jessica Dailey, Digital Editorial Director

I cant take credit for discovering this TJ gem (shout out to the love of my life, Brooke), but Im a full on zealot for this stuff now. Its got the heat of chili powder plus the zing of a fresh lime. I put it on everything from spicy salads, to stir-fries, to mezcal cocktails. Please dont play yourself by thinking that a mixed spice sounds gimmicky. This baby deserves a spot on yourspice racknext to the salt and pepper. Cyrus Ferguson, Reader Experience

sauce. At the rate Im using it, I have no more blood running through my veinsonly Soyaki. Its the perfect marinade for chicken, the only flavoring you need for your stir fry, and an excellent dipping sauce for dumplings. Its super affordable, too, which works out well for me because I probably go through a bottle a month. And I live alone. Elly Leavitt, Associate Digital Editor

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