Add these Trader Joes items to your grocery list ASAP.

Theres a reason Trader Joes has becomeAmericas favorite grocery store, and it has nothing to do with those Hawaiian shirts. The store has come a long way since opening in Pasadena, California back in 1967, growing to an empire and drawing hordes of shoppers on the strength of its affordable, store-brand offerings, which rotate often and include everything fromcoffeeand booze tohealthy mealsunexpected snacks,incredible cheese, and internationally focused entrees that have helped evolve the American palate. It has legions of devoted fans. Evenhaterscant help but find something to love within its aisles.

But some items are just better, more impactful, than others. To celebrate all things TJs, we sat down, compared shopping lists, argued, and arrived at these 50 essential items that truly belong in your shopping cart. Here, youll find game-changing icons, beloved seasonal releases, and simple innovations that helped TJs change the way we shop. Add them to your own list, then head down to the comments and tell us what should be on ours. Maybe ring a nautical bell down there… were pretty sure that somebody needs help at check stand 2.

I love eating cookies, but I sure wish I could turn them into a spread, is apparently what all America was secretly thinking before Trader Joes took Belgiums famed Speculoos biscuits and reimagined them in spreadable form. Cookie Butter became a near-instant icon as the chain grew in status and popularity, with supplies selling out at some stores. It took on a life of its own on social media, and in 2016, it was declaredTrader Joes most popular okie Butter fever has since cooled, but it remains a strong contender for the most versatile dessert on shelves. Like another of Americas favorite dessert spreads — Nutella —  its perfect for dipping pretzels into, spreading on bread to make a sweet wich, and topping waffles, pancakes, and ice cream. But whereas Nutella is a UFC fighter punishing your tastebuds with hazelnut and cocoa until you submit, Cookie Butter is a librarian, tucking your taste buds into bed with a cup of tea and a buttery shortbread cookie. It was an innovation that eventually, blissfully, became part of many shoppers weekly lists.

No, were not talking about TJs regular and gluten-free boxed mac. The Diner Mac is a beast all its own, an unconscionably salty and fatty blast of comfort that stands tall next to the likes of Stouffers or, dare we say, your grandmas. After five minutes spinning in the microwave, it will emerge basically on fire, and you have to wait at least a minute or two for it to cool down or youll be driving yourself to the ER with burns from the gooey blend of Cheddar, Swiss, Havarti and Gouda. Once its cooled down and is only semi-scalding, every single forkful is a step toward a better day.

This snack encapsulates exactly why Trader Joes sells so much junk food. First: these peanut butter cups are tiny and you buy em in a huge plastic bin. Eating a few of them puts absolutely no dent in the larger bucket. So whats the big deal about eating a few? Its almost healthy, you know? Dark chocolate? Healthy. Peanut butter? Healthy. Consuming snacks in moderation? Healthy. Now, in reality, youre probably eating five or six at a time of these absolutely addictive miniReeses-for-grownups. TJs says there are 36 cups per tub, which means you can eat five a day and the tub will last a week. Perfectly reasonable. Its almost like you didnt eat any of them at all.

Who knew that Trader Joes, of all places, would be the ones to crack the code of the frozen soup dumpling? And why hasnt Din Tai Fung rolled out these bad boys yet? These are definitely reminiscent of your favorite xiaolongbao spots, with a delightful burst of soup packed into each little dumpling. Theyre made from chicken instead of the traditional pork, but packed with ginger and onion so its hard to notice a stark difference. The dumpling skins arent as thin and delicate as youd expect, but come on, its a microwaveable soup dumpling from a major grocery chain that actually tastes good. The worst part is that there are only six to a box, and anyone who eats soup dumplings knows you need at least three trays of those bad boys.

Another gem from Joes apparent travels to the East, this is perhaps the most satisfyingly simple of all the pan-Asian fare in the freezer. The lightly oiled rice is packed with edamame (just the beans, no pod weirdo), julienned carrots, protein-packing tofu, and, most crucially, hijiki seaweed, which adds a completely different profile to what many associate with garden-variety takeout fried rice. Its layered. Its thoughtfully composed. Balanced. Dare we say its almost restaurant quality? We wont say. Its rude to talk with your mouth full of seaweed strands.

Two-Buck Chuck might have become Three-Buck Chuck since debuting in 2002, but the fact remains that the chain offers up perfectly drinkable wine for less than the price of bottled water. The line has become the stuff of legend, raising the profile of cheap wine and making the idea of a low-budget wine party even more feasible than a kegger for cash-strapped folks who want to pop some corks without being snooty. It has done more to generate the taste for good(ish) wine than any other budget bottle. Its got an interesting history that you canread all about right here… preferably by candlelight with a nice bottle of red.

Quinoa is high in fiber and protein, offers more flavor than plain white rice, and is a great side dish with any meat, fish or veggie. Yet for many Americans, it was abstract, a product you could only dig out of a bulk crate in a food co-op in the minds of many Americans. Then Trader Joes came along and suddenly, your uncle in Iowa was all about it, which is great. Its organic! Its colorful — white, red, and black! You can cook it in an Instant Pot in 11 minutes! You can even prepare this while a TJs frozen dinner is cooking in the oven or microwave. Its more than a seed that acts like a grain, it can change your life. You thought you were a lazy bum, but then you buy this bag. All of a sudden youre the type of person who eats quinoa, who hikes on the weekends, who goes to SoulCycle.

Never has there been a more perfect seasoning for avocado toast. Or scrambled eggs. Or quiche. Hell, this would be a perfect seasoning for a two-by-four. Hmm, this tastes a little bit like wood, but the onion, sea salt, and garlic flavor really take this to the next level! This brilliant, versatile seasoning can make every breakfast food imaginable taste like the best-tasting bagel at the deli without all that dang gluten. Its so delicious and popular that one couple sold enough of this seasoning online (and other TJ products) that they profitedto the tune of $30,000. Given the choice between selling bottles of this online for a few extra bucks or making our scrambled eggs taste 100x better, well take a tastier breakfast every time. Wait, $30,000?! Let us think about this one some more…

No, this isnt on par with anything youll get at a goodIndian restaurant. Its probably more on par with the type of thing youd get at a late-night window in London. But its still pretty damn good. And the fact that the Chicken Tikka Masala — along with butter chicken and more than a dozen other Indian offerings — is so prominent in the freezer just goes to show that, when given the option, Americans crave more thanpizzaand TV dinners when it comes to the grocers freezer.

Pizza dough is actuallyremarkably easy to make. But its time-consuming. And it can leave your kitchen coated in flour. These days, many grocery chains will offer up a ball of pre-made dough. When TJs first did it, it was a game changer, a way for lazy home cooks to create pizzas, breadsticks, rolls, pockets, and everything in between while passing them off as their own. The chain has made a cottage industry out of offering things that people can pass off as homemade. The dough, though, lets you have your chef-inspired whims, your sense of self-satisfaction at a dinner party, and your clean kitchen at the same time.

The name may give you a little caution: Honestly, generally when you find something unexpected in your food, its cause for alarm. But this is not the equivalent of finding a hubcap in your bouillabaisse. Its basically the Cookie Butter of the dairy section, a block of sharp white Cheddar with salty, often crystalized little chunks of Parmesan hidden within, adding a nice little bite to an otherwise still-great block of cheese. It might be the crown jewel of the TJs cheese spread. When it comes to Unexpected Cheddar, expect to eat a whole block in one sitting.

Sea Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds

Some things in life just go together. Peanut butter and jelly, sour cream and onions, cookies and milk, and yes, chocolate and nuts. More specifically, almonds. Trader Joes whips up a delicious and luxurious treat with their Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds (that name just rolls off the tongue!). Their almonds are coated in a generous layer of rich, dark chocolate, and then sprinkled with sea salt and raw sugar for a textural flavor explosion. The sea salt enhances the flavor of the chocolate while the turbinado sugar gives a complex sweetness that balances the whole thing. Its everything you would want in a treat: nutty, crunchy, sweet, and a little salty. Buy two — or three — packages of these almonds; youll be shoveling them down by the handful.

At some point in the modern era, if people wanted a quick, salty snack full of protein, they were forced to dip pretzels into jars of peanut butter. Oh, the horror! Trader Joes has made it so that you have no need to perform that type of hard labor. Other brands carry a similar snack, but as it is with much of TJs food, the ingredients are often recognizable and minimal. These thicc (yeah, we said thicc!) pretzels filled with primo, creamy peanut butter are no exception, as it contains no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Whether you enjoy the pretzels as part of a trail mix, or just to eat handful after handful at your desk as you wait for lunch to roll around, Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels are one of the simplest, most satisfying snacks.

Like an inflated, peanut butter-flavored Cheeto so addictive that it makes one bag seem like a reasonable serving size, Bamba hit TJs shelves in 2017 to rave reviews. The snack food staple that has dominated Israel for decades was introduced to a wide American audience, and the states couldnt get enough. Despite the peanut shape and flavor, Bamba are actually baked corn grits thatve been slathered in peanut butter. And each bag is only $.99, giving you a solid snacking option when youre sick of eating bland potato chips.

When this originally debuted in TJs refrigerated section in summer 2018, anyone looking at the price might have assumed it was a mistake. $1.99 for organic cold brew?! And its nitro?! Uh, those people were right — that price didnt last long. But paying anything under $3 for organic coffee that comes out this creamy and delicious is a miracle. Dont you dare drink this from the bottle, unless you want to pour the nitrogen-infused cold brew directly into your stomach. Instead, pour it into a glass and watch the nitro java cascade almost exactly like a Guinness. Enjoy your caffeine-fueled buzz provided by the organic espresso. Youll never want to go back to ordinary cold brew again.

Dont be put off by its weird name. TJs Cowboy Caviar is everything you want out of a salsa: chunky, spicy, and good on tortilla chips or mashed up with an avocado. Its a medley of corn, beans, onions, and peppers, stewed up in a chipotle, adobo, and lime sauce. It contains no cowboy or fish eggs, but it will still make you say yeehaw (maybe) and eat four times the daily allotment of tortilla chips due to how addicting it is (definitely).

Trader Joes beer gamehas always been impressive in both its breadth and quality, but the Vintage Ale that they release each year is particularly sought after: a rich, strong Belgian ale that could comfortably hang out in anybeer geeks cellar, evolving over time alongside beers that cost four times its $5.99 price tag. Of course, if you cant wait to open it, enjoying it straight after you hit the store wont leave you disappointed, either.

The adorably miniature size of the Hold the Cone series of tiny ice cream novelties is a bit of a mixed blessing — on the one hand, its quite appealing as a minimalist after-dinner treat, giving you a downsized version of the glorious experience that is ordering yourself a Drumstick right off the ice cream truck, right down to the chocolatey end of the cone, which we all know is the best part. The downside is, their snacky size makes it rather easy to talk yourself into polishing off an entire box. Well, is that REALLY a downside?

Yeah, the rebranding of TJs Chinese-ish entrees as Trader Mings is more than a little twee. But were willing to forgive semantics, especially given how meaty this take on sweet/sour orange chicken really is, especially when paired up with some frozen brown rice. Even better, it saves you a trip to Panda Express. Or the embarrassment of freezing leftover Panda to heat up later.

Youve got to hand it to Trader Joes: they really do have a grasp on their Mexican fare. TJs marinated, uncooked carne asada is perfect for your Taco Tuesday or Fajita Friday or whatever alliteration youre most feeling to decide what you have for dinner. The steak is tender and well-seasoned, easy to sear, and retains its juiciness. It comes as a whole steak, so its up to you whether you want to chop it up into cubes, strips, or leave it whole — which is honestly better than having it precut so the meat doesnt dry out when you cook it. Put this in a tortilla, over rice, or just in your mouth. For those without access to a carniceria, theres nothing quite like it on the grocery circuit.

And lo, Trader Joes unleashed a healthier, organic alternative to Heinz, much to the joy of people who loveFrench friesandhot-dog hereticsalike. Naysayers often point out that Trader Joes loyalists automatically assume their products are healthy and organic by nature of being in the store. Theyre not. But when TJs goes for it, they go all in, and out comes something undeniably delicious, versatile, and able to disrupt long-held beliefs about legacy condiments. In many kitchens, this variation is quickly erasing the number 57.

Whats the fastest growing pizza brand in America? If you guessed Caulipower — which makes cauliflower crust and has sold over10 million pizzas– youre right! TJs knows when to capitalize on a trend, having already given you as much riced cauliflower and cauliflower gnocchi as you can handle. Keep in mind, this product is crust only — youve gotta provide your own sauce, veggies, and meats, though thats a simple task when youre already at TJs. Some critics say the crust isnt as crispy as regular pizza dough. Those people are right. But look at this miraculous frozen food from a nutritional perspective: one serving is gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, has zero grams of fat, and 80 calories. But will you top the crust with a pound of pepperoni, a gallon of marinara sauce, and a block of cheese as big as your left leg? Absolutely. And yet, this is gluten-free manna from heaven for those who dont consume traditional pizza for dietary reasons. In 2019, you can have your pizza and eat it too.

One of TJs most iconic moves is selling individual bananas underneath a sign reading the price hasnt changed in 13 years. On a recent episode of the

podcast, CEO Dan Bane spun an adorable little anecdote, saying the idea came from an elderly woman who said she didnt buy bunches of bananas because Sonny, I may not live to that fourth banana. Its really cute and heartwarming. But heres the thing. At most grocery stores you can just rip off an individual banana and buy it at the per-pound price anyway. The average cost of a pound of bananas is about $.60… or just a little more than $.19 a banana. The price was cheaper 13 years ago, making the TJs bananas slightly more expensive back in the day. TJs bananas stayed the same price as inflation caught up to them. Maybe in 10 years, it will be the great deal its perceived as. For now, its just an ingenious bit of marketing, a single-serving fruit being sold at market price, but seemingly at a discount. Sometimes, less is literally more.

Remember 2007? Before Instagram was a thing, before Ron Artest was Metta World Peace, and before your phone enabled you to tap a button and summon a stranger to drive you around. It was also when people waited

50 minutes for brown rice to cook on their stovetops

. Who the hell had time for that? Then TJs came through and gave you two packets of single-serving frozen organic brown rice that could be heated up in three minutes in the microwave. It was a perfect base for any type of meal, whether you wanted to pair it with TJs Mandarin Orange Chicken or some tofu. For a brand that gives you plenty of ways to binge junk food, its nice that it also offers an easy way to eat healthy.

Nuts can be expensive. In the greater scheme of Trader Joes, $8 for a bag of something is a lot but its cheap as hell for cashews. And these are not the cashews you were expecting. Theyre enormous. Theyre salty as hell. But theyre also versatile. They come lightly salted or with no salt at all. You can save a couple bucks by getting them in pieces rather as whole crescent-shaped beasts. Theyre the king of TJs prolific nut section, which also includes shelled pistachios, another innovation that puts this protein section on point. Still, those cashews — whole or shattered into pieces — represent a huge win for bargain hunters, offered at bulk-bin prices without the added worry of contracting some bacterial infection because some cheapskate was grazing on them earlier.

This dessert is miraculous for a few reasons. First: its non-dairy. Sure, there are non-dairy mochi in your supermarkets freezer, too. But the Thai Tea mochi contains a glorious, coconut-based, ice cream-ish filling that wont make you miss condensed milk, and the Mango Mini Mochi has a delightful mango sorbet for as much real mango flavor as fits into a tiny package. And lets not forget the size of these suckers: they are mini. Just like Oreo Mini are preferable to the age-old Oreo, these Mini Mochi are improvements on the original. This small size allows you to stuff your face with more of these than you could with any regular-sized Green Tea Mochi, and you can still feel relatively good about your snack food choices — the serving size is six! And theres no waiting to eat those six either: they melt rapidly, and thus you must eat them quickly as well.

TJs has long had an exceptional selection of microwaveable Indian dishes in the freezer section. But to truly level-up any of these dishes into a full-fledged meals, you need naan. While the Tandoori Naan is perfectly fine, the copious amounts of garlic and cilantro atop this naan give this legendary status. The company suggests you heat it in the oven for two minutes, but even a quick blast of heat from the toaster oven will turn this into arguably the best part of any Indian meal from the freezer section. And if youre feeling particularly creative, slap veggies and meats on top of the naan to concoct your own take onIndian pizza.

This should actually be a bad thing. Mini tacos? Why do we need to make tacos even smaller — theyre already small! But damned if these arent one of the most delicious, drunchy food ever. Theyre like taquitos, but cuter and flatter. They come in both a chicken and beef variety. Theyre here for you when you stumble home and need something greasy to complete your night. Theyre also here for you if you havent left your house in two days, are wearing the same sweatpants, and cant be bothered to cook something that isnt pre-packaged and frozen. Whatever the case, microwave them or pan fry them in hot oil and indulge. Throw some TJs Cowboy Caviar on them if youre feeling extra saucy.

Trader Joes has tartes galore. Theres savory and sweet ones, cheesy and fruity, but most of all, TJs tartes are buttery and easy-to-prepare. If you ever want to make any sort of meal instantly better, fill it in a flaky, crusty shell. Trader Joes knows this, and has arguably mastered this. One of the highlights of TJs tartes is their Tarte au Brie et aux Tomates which TJs describes as very French on the packaging. Its full of gooey brie cheese and cherry red tomatoes layered on a creamy base of crme fraîche. Feel free to heat this tarte up in your oven, pour yourself a glass of ($3) wine, and pretend youre on the coast of France.

Its a medallion of goat cheese. Need we say more? This is like the gold medal if you were competing in the Trader Joes cheese-eating olympics. Its got the tang of goat cheese you know and love molded into a perfect cylinder of stinky, cheesy perfection. Throw this in your salad, your mashed potatoes, your mouth — were not judging. Theyre essential elements of aTJs cheese plate, and instantly class things up at minimal cost and minimal frustration with cutting a log of soft cheese.

Gyoza are the most versatile dumpling. Theyre yummy steamed, pan fried, deep fried, boiled, microwaved. Thats the power of an herbaceous meatball wrapped in a dough skin thats easy to cook and delicious. TJs redundantly named gyoza potstickers come in pork and chicken options, as well as shrimp and veggie if you venture into the frozen Thai section (which is funny, because Thai people dont traditionally have gyozas, but thats an entirely different conversation). The cool part about these frozen friends are that the ingredients are actually identifiable: youll find a meat filling made with the protein of your choice, as well as ginger, green onion, garlic, and soy sauce (all common ingredients for traditional dumplings). Drown these dumplings in some soy sauce and vinegar and you can pretend youre at your favorite ethnically ambiguous dumpling spot.

America loves food that tastes like other food. One example: Oreo recently released a cookie thattastes like carrot cake! Ok, two examples:ranch dressing tastes like pizza now. Trader Joes has never been shy to jump on any food trends bandwagon. Thats how we ended up with Birthday Cake popped corn — a steal for $1.99 — which has been a smash hit since its release in mid-2018; Peppermint Bark and Candy Corn also debuted that year. All of these flavors helped put a new twist on a snack that seemingly hasnt changed much in years. For those without a sweet tooth but are sick of the classic olive oil flavor, theres even pickle popcorn. Can Cookie Dough Popcorn be far behind? Probably not as far as you think.

Paneer Tikka Masala with Spinach Basmati Rice

Another one of the stars among Trader Joes Indian food is their paneer tikka masala complete with spinach rice. Its a microwaveable meal that smells intoxicatingly good and is full of squeaky cubes of paneer. The spinach rice complements the curry perfectly and the meal as a whole is reminiscent of good, takeout Indian food. Bonus: its vegetarian!

If you eat in restaurants on a regular basis, youve likely encountered a crushed candied pecan or two hanging out in the salad section of the menu, providing its signature blend of salt, sweetness, and crunch to amplify your salad eating experience. Trader Joes version handles this task admirably, at a price point ($3.99 for 5 ounces) decidedly lower than the sometimes unconscionable prices youll see for these little beauties at other grocers. This feature will make you feel less guilty about eating half the bag before it can make its way into your salad.

While the Zesty Nacho version appears to have disappeared from shelves (pray they come back, and until then, check outRhythm Superfoods), TJs is still in the game with Seasoned Kale Chips dressed with cashew butter and tahini. Heres the real shocker: even if youre not looking to eat healthy, its still a solid snack. Dont get us wrong, it tastes like its good for you — its not tricking anyone into thinking its a tortilla chip. But for the savory snack lover, you could do a lot worse than munching on these air crisped chips. The strong tahini flavors along with the background carrot and onion notes (thankfully) overshadow the kales natural bitterness. Even better, if you push a shopping cart out of Trader Joes filled with Cookie Butter, Mac and Cheese Bites, six tubs of Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, and these kale chips, you can convince yourself that you bought healthy groceries.

They say miracles happen every day, and that is never more true than when you prepare a cauliflower gnocchi that pretty much tastes like regular gnocchi. Its a mystery how TJs was able to find a gnocchi-maker that crafted these mini-pillows from 75% cauliflower, yet they taste almost exactly as starchy and delicious as those made from potato and eggs…once you toss them in pasta sauce and veggies. But you werent going to eat them plain anyways because youre not a monster. Trust us, you wont miss the real thing one bit. Even better, if youre super lazy and dont want to wait for them to boil or saute on the stove, you can microwave em and be eating in about five minutes.

For anyone who feels like they swallowed a 5-pound barbell covered in grease after eating one of those individual-sized pies from the freezer section, Bambino Pizza is your new favorite dinner. One of these tiny, pizza-bagel-sized pies along with a side dish or two should provide the pizza fix you crave without the bloat afterwards. And dont be fooled by its size, this has everything you want in a pie: crispy dough, a flavorful red sauce, and a cheesy layer of mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, and romano. Most importantly, it only takes 10 minutes in the oven. If Babe Ruth hadnt already been dead for 61 years, he might have loved these tiny pizzas, if only because of the name. And then hed probably sue Trader Joes — sorry, it says Trader Giottos on the package — for using him to sell pizza.

Its noSabra, but Trader Joes hummus game is completely on point, with a variety of flavors ranging fromsrirachato edamame. Still, the smooth, robust original Mediterranean variety Its deceptively simple, with a little pine nut garnish to add texture and little more to amp up the garbanzo flavor. This is a gateway hummus, one that elevates pretty much every non-flavored tortilla, cracker, pita, or chip at TJs.

Williams-Sonoma has its comically overpriced but addictive peppermint bark, and Trader Joes has Candy Cane Joe-Joes, a seasonal take on their ubiquitous, Oreo-esque line of cookies. They taste like a Buddy the Elf fever dream, in the best possible way. And for those of you who feel like a sandwich cookie filled with candy cane cream seems just a touch restrained, rest easy knowing that they also offer a chocolate-covered version.

Yes, were here to praise the virtues of the Southwest Salad. Its low-calorie and loaded with lettuce, cabbage, peppers, black beans, corn, cojita, and a creamy yogurt ranch. Its incredible. But this is also about the arsenal of grab-and-go salads in Trader Joes formidable fridge, which put most stores offerings of ranch-drenched lettuce to shame. Theres really something for every taste, provided your taste isnt boring. Theres a Thai-style number with daikon radish and chicken. A Mexicali with seasoned chicken, pepitas, and sun-dried tomatoes. Caprese salad complete with fresh mozz. A spicy, healthy take on southern slaw packed with kale and broccoli. And yes, if theres a classic Greek. Its basically a salad bar, without the need to actually make a salad, one where your options are on par with afancy salad restaurants.

TJs cold pressed juice will give any of LAs hipster juice offerings — the ones that cost $13 and your first born child per bottle — a run for their money. Its pure fruit and veggies that undergo a high pressure processing (HPP) process, whatever the hell that means (it means the the freshness of the juice is maintained without heat or added preservatives). Either way, its fresh juice, made from whole fruits and veggies, that have a shelf life of 30 days — much longer than other cold pressed juices. And at $3.99 a bottle, you even get to keep your first born. Win-win-win!

If youre one of those people who casually dismisses the ginger snap as something grandpas eat, youre missing out, especially when it comes to Trader Joes version. The triple ginger isnt just some marketing ploy: These cookies legit deploy three types of ginger (fresh, crystallized, ground) for a spicy kick that other mass market versions fail to replicate. Theyre delightful on their own, fantastic dipped in the autumnal beverage of your choosing (or just, you know, milk), and even do a fine job of helping you makea next-level pie crust.

You know those cute, crispy, salty, airy, shiny little cheese crackers that are frequently placed on cheese plates to scoop up soft cheeses, but often get eaten on their own because theyre incredible on their own? These are those. But better. Because theyre kissed with extra salt courtesy of soy sauce and tamari, and maybe a little healthier because they have seed element. They come in a giant bag. Were sure theyre intended to be eaten with goat cheese or Gournay. Were not sure. We ate them all before we could get the plate assembled. But were sure theyre great with accoutrements.

En croute is just a fancypants French way of