Our Diversified Absolute Return Fund is an unconstrained portfolio that aims to achieve positive real returns across the economic cycle, with lower volatility than equity markets. The objective of the fund is to generate returns of inflation plus 3-5% per annum over a rolling five-year period. The only difference in terms of approach between this fund and the Diversified Core Absolute Return Fund is that this fund also invests in external funds.

The Funds focus is on generating stable returns and avoiding large losses in times of market stress. A cap on the portfolios predicted volatility helps ensure greater stability. Our focus on diversification and risk management enables our strategy to provide a stable risk profile, minimise losses, and shorten the recovery period from peak-to-trough drawdowns. This investment philosophy is ingrained throughout Fulcrum.

Our unconstrained and benchmark-free approach allows us to dynamically allocate and hedge against the most significant adverse outcomes and generate superior risk-adjusted returns.

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