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Trader Joes ismy go to storeall year round. But, in January of 2016, a giant snow storm hit my hometown and caused the roof the local Trader Joes to break through. The store had to shut down for nearly a year. Yes, all of the Westfield, NJ moms were literally devastated and many were driving 20-40 minutes to other nearby Joes establishments. My mom drove an hour to the Princeton location because its the only other store that offered her favorite wine. So extra. But thank god, the new store opened just in time to bring us the new 2017 products. And they are so much better than I couldve imagined. These are my top 10 must-have products. So, run dont walk to the nearest TJs.

Finding substitutes for bread is all the rage right now. Andchopped/ground cauliflower is taking the spotlight. This cauliflower pizza is everyones Pinterest dream without all the fuss with actually… making a homemade pizza. Im in.

Like I mentioned above, Trader Joes signature wine is an all time fan favorite. But these new canned wines really change the game. Theyre going for $1 a can. Yeah you read that right… 1 dollar. Sold in packs of 4, the wine can is your answer to every BBQ, picnic, beach trip, pool trip.. basically the answer to every summer event.

This one might seem a little confusing but I am truly addicted. I love everything bagels just as much as the next gal, but for half the carbs and half the guiltI sprinkle this season on top of some avo toastand all my dreams come true.

It seems like every coffee place now has a signature cold brew. And while I cant figure out which is my favorite, I can get behind a cold brewice cream bar.The best part of all? Theyre only 70 calories. Sorry if theyre sold out of all the stores in NJ, it wasnt me I swear.

If youre a frequent flyer at TJs youve definitely had the Joes Diner mac & cheese bowl. Its really a great purchase, so I can only imagine the pepperoni pizza added to it is everything you could wish for after a night out on the town.

Shrimp doused in a sweet, creamy, honey based coating with hints of pineapple paired with candied walnuts. YUM. Im literally texting my mom right now demanding these for dinner this week.

Matcha is truly everywhere. For a while I was getting a Venti ice water with three scoops of matcha powder from Starbucks just because it sounded cool. But these matcha joe joes are the best twist on theclassic Joe Joe. If you want to really get your matcha in, try dipping the cookies in TJs Matcha Latte.

Throw away that janky zoodle machine because carrot spirals are the next best thing. There are only two ingredients in the entire bag: carrots and sea salt, thats some clean eating.

Weve all had our go with the nut butters: almond, cashew, peanut.. you name it Ive tried it. This sunflower seed spread is every tree nut allergists dream: a pb&j without the epipen.

The perfect intern breakfast on the go. The two new flavors are: tart cherry, chia & pumpkin seed oatmeal and strawberry raspberry oatmeal. Im constantly looking for new breakfast options to get me into the office ASAP (so I can leave sooner) and this one seems like itll be my new go to.

The options at Trader Joes are truly endless but these new items have me so excited for my next trip to TJs. If I dont have honey walnut shrimp one day this week for dinner Im going to be annoyed. Happy shopping.

You tryna be tricky? That email doesnt look right.

By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier

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