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Soccer Betting Hq is all about soccer betting strategies which you can use when the soccer matches are ON.

I would precisely say it is SCALPING the money from the Betfair markets when most people are least expecting it.

Always  remember you cant beat Betfair with conventional way of betting..it is too tough to make money out of Betfair from straight back or straight  lays but betting unconventional way .

…like trading or scalping it is very much possible


Most of 1%ers who are long term profitable on Betfair belong to same stable of doers who try and use unconventional way to bet.

Soccer Betting Hq is one club which we plan to promote as a club for unconventional bettors. To start with, we are offering great soccer strategies which can be easily executable and are profitable.

Soccer Betting HQ has five Systems (strategies).

System 1:  We will use under 2.5 market to make 5-10% of stake in short span of 5-7 minutes. Very effective strategy.

System 2: It is lay the draw but with a twist.

System 3:  System 3 is sniper strategy.  This is again a low risk strategy and will give you exact to enter the Match Odds market.  Profit for single trade is estimated to be 5-10% of stake.

System 4: If match is going 0-0, then we will use system 4.

System 5:  We cant lose except one score line. Very close to almost zero risk strategy.

Strike rate for the strategies is around 80-90% or even higher and can be easily be executable.

As there are soccer matches around the year, there is no limit on the matches which can be played upon.

Yes, we use only Betfair so no Headache for opening any account with bookies or headache for transferring money to bookies account.

What you will get in Soccer Betting Hq is a well written pdf  having clear rules for all strategies along with the video tutorials.

You will have access to video tutorials for next six months.

Investment: Min investment of GBP 500 1000, obviously  higher the bank, higher the profit.

Return on Stake: 10-15% return on stake  from one soccer match depending on how many strategies you implement in same match. On average,  you can easily use at least two systems in same match.

Capital Return: Average of 40%-  50% return on capital in months time.

You want a consistent income every week with low risk and excellent returns.

You want to start a new stream of income apart from your job

You are good in following money making instructions as given in manual

You want to come in 2% category for Betfair who pays premium charges.

Its mix of another two markets of any soccer match

Almost 100% insured for win except one score line.

Average win is 7.2% of stake ( returns varies with the prices)

All above strategies involve trading in soccer markets, so can only be applied on Betfair.

And since it isBetfair, therefore liquidity is not an issue.

Betfair has really changed the way betting is done now no need to bet the way bookies want us to bet. We can enter and exit from the game whenever we want

Thats why they have not given us that option..

WithSoccer Betting Hq, you will find how easy it is to make money on soccer while trading on betfair

If you are disciplined punter and follow rules as explained in ebook and tutorial videosthen sky is the limit for you

No NO.I am not saying that you will become millionaire.. but yes a decent living from betting is possible.ONLY IF YOU ARE DISCIPLINED ( I dont make these claims lightly.)

Like in strategy 5, we will not lose money by any chance except one final score line and if you have passed out class 5th grade ( I am sure you did) , you can easily decide which should be possible matches to avoid

Average return which we have encountered from strategy 5 is 7.2%

And we also had winning runs of 30 matches in a row using strategy 5

You can see on the above screen shot regardless of the result we win 33.90.

Also another 30.50 profit regardless of the result.

Quick 88.08 Profit for us again… you can get these results also.

Simple Powerful Formula, Michael uses to find Value Bets

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you will get this ebook at no charge (nada, FREE)

Last Year this Formula lost on 4 days last year… you get it FREE.

Michael, was looking at selling this In Play Formula for 69.97 however I have twisted his arm to include 50 of them as a EXTRA Bonus

So the first 50 buyers will get this bonus also.

Why then is soccer a good choice of betting medium?

The goal post have been moved, and now is the time to make you claim to the money on offer.

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