The StockTickr Automated Trading Robot is software designed to automatically trade the strategies of your choosing through Interactive Brokers.

There is also arobot for trading through Sterling. There are robots for other platforms coming soon.

Absolutely the easiest way to start automated trading –

Fully automated trading with IBs low commission rates

Full control over what gets traded through the robot.

Automatically execute one or many trading strategies.

Protective stops and other exit orders are server-held, so always protected.

Include a variety of exit orders including stop loss, time stops, trailing stops, and targets.

Automatically scale out of positions at the amount and price you configure.

Use an Alert Exit to exit a position based on the results of a Trade-Ideas alert strategy.

Use a Trend Exit to disable a strategy entirely when the overall market exhibits certain behavior.

Set a maximum number of orders to be sent per strategy.

Optionally queue orders in TWS to manually decide to trade.

The robot provides the best performance statistics on the planet through StockTickr

Break down your robots performance by strategy

Access meaningful statistics that show where you can improve your strategies

Candlestick charts generated for each trade with your entry, exit, and stop plotted right on the chart.

An Interactive Brokers brokerage account (or you can test it out with theIB Demo account)

Recommended but not required: TheTrade-Ideas Odds Maker

Youre still protected. All orders that the robot sends are server-held, so in the event your Internet connection goes down, theyll still be live.

The unique architecture of the robot only makes the initial entry order for a trade live once all orders have been transmitted successfully to Interactive Brokers.

This means theres no chance that your entry order will be entered without your exit orders.

Interactive Brokers offers a demo account with each real account that can be traded with real-time data. You can buy and sell exactly as you normally would except theres no real money at stake.

For general information about trading with Interactive Brokers, there arenumerous and extensive webinarswhere you can learn more.

This is a great way to test strategies with real market data before putting money at risk.