Bitcoin has spectacularly died several times

📉 – 94% June-November 2011 from $32 to $2 because of MtGox hack

📉 – 79% April 2013 from $266 to $54. MTGox stopped trading

📉 – 87% from $1166 to $170 November 2013 to January 2015

📉 – 40% September 2017 from $5000 to $2972 China ban

📉 – 55% January 2018 Bitcoin ban FUD. from $19000 to 8500

Ive held through all the crashes. Whos laughing now? Not the panic sellers.

Market is all about moving money from impatient to the patient. You see crash, I see opportunity.

Me – OMG Bitcoin is criminally undervalued, I gotta buy!

N.B. Word to the wise for new investors. What Ive learned over 7 years is that whenever it crashes spectacularly, the bounce is twice as impactful and record-setting. I cant predict the bottom but I can assure you that it WILL hit 19k and go further beyond, as hard as it may be for a lot of folks to believe right at this moment if you havent been through it before.

When Bitcoin was at ATH little over a month ago, people were saying, its too pricey now, I cant buy.

Well, heres your chance at almost 60% discount!

With growing main net adoption of LN, Bitcoin underlying value is greater than it was when it was valued 19k.

When Bitcoin was at ATH little over a month ago, people were saying, its too pricey now, I cant buy.

Well, heres your chance at almost 60% discount!

Surprisingly buying a cheap thing going down is less tempting than buying something expensive going up.

Where do I buy coins for this organic neural networks you are sending from?

The best time to buy is when people are in FEAR. Its right now or maybe tomorrow or in a few days.

How can one know bitcoin is cheap? Unlike stocks, bonds, or real estate It has no cash flow, interest, or return on investment. Its simply a series of 0s and 1s that you buy with the hope of selling to a greater fool at a higher price.

The people that were saying its too pricey now, I cant buy were the fools that knew nothing about bitcoin and though you could only buy a whole bitcoin and not fractions of a coin

at the end of the boy who cried wolf, there really is a wolf

I cant help you but you deserve gold for this comment.

Then again, at the end of Daedalus and Icarus, the wings really do melt.

Daedalus warns Icarus about complacency and hubris, urging him not to fly too low to the sea or too high near the sun. Icarus ignores him, flies too high, the wings melt, and he plummets to the sea and drowns.

Theres a lesson here for the Bitcoin community, indeed all cryptocurrency wonks: Dont let complacency or hubris guide your decisions to buy, sell, or hold.

No one else knew of this wolf though. That boy had it coming, the dick he was – taking advantage of peoples goodness.

I always thought the lesson of The Boy who Cried Wolf should be to replace the boy if hes unreliable. Using their logic, if those villagers had unreliable fire alarms that went off when there was no fire, they would have ignored them and them and let the village burn, then beat up the fire alarm afterwards.

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