Getting started with Ethereum wallets is a confusing process.

Luckily, were making it easy to decide which Ethereum wallet is best for you.

Our guide breaks down the top ethereum wallets and by the end youll have a much better idea of which wallet to use.

The Ledger Nano X is the newest crypto hardware wallet, and is very easy to use. It connects to iOS, Android & desktop computers.

Jaxx is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet for iOS and Android. It supports Ethereum.

MetaMask is a simple ETH & ERC20 desktop wallet. Its an add-on for FireFox.

A goodEthereum hardware walletis crucial if you need secure storage for your Ether or ERC20 tokens.

TheLedger Nano Sis the most popularhardware walletfor Ethereum and ERC20 token users.

It supports the most coins and has integrations with MyEtherWallet, making it easy to use the device to store, send and receive ether and ERC20 tokens. Ledgerpaired with MyEtherWalletis the most popular way to use Ledger for Ether.

TREZORis another hardware wallet, like the Ledger. It alsosupportsstoring ether and ERC20 tokens. It has the same integrations as the Ledger Nano S, and can be used with MyEtherWallet to send, receive and store ERC20 tokens.

Atomic Wallet is a new multi-asset solution that allows to manage Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and over 300 coins and tokens easily.

Encrypted private keys that never leave user device

Option to buy crypto with a bank card in 20-30 minutes

Instant exchange via Changelly and Shapeshift

Metamaskis a very popular Ethereum wallet for desktop. It has received funding from the Ethereum Foundation and Consensys. It allows you to easily store Ether or ERC20 tokens.

There are a few issues to know about with Metamask.

One is that by using Metamask, nearly any website you browse can see that you have it installed and therefor understand that you are a cryptocurrency user and owner. While this does not sound too bad, it is simply a privacy leak that could make you a target for targeted hacking or malware. Checkthis postfor more info.

Alsothis goes for all walletsbut there aremany fake versionsof Metamask. Make sure you are downloading it directly from Metamasks website.

TheMist Walletis an Ethereum wallet created by the Ethereum Foundation. It is listed on the website as the most basic Ether wallet available.

Exodus wallethas become a very popular wallet in the cryptocurrency world. The main downside, though, is that its code is not open source. This means the wallet code has not been checked by devs from around the world and you have to place more trust in the Exodus developers.

Regardless, the Exodus wallet has a number of nice features. It supports a ton of coins so you dont need to create a different wallet for each new coin you buy.

It also has a cool portfolio feature that allows you to see your crypto holdings in an easy to understand way.

Lastly, it has integration with ShapeShift which allows you to swap assets and coins from directly within the wallet.

MyEtherWallet is probably the most popular Ethereum web wallet. A web wallet is a wallet that works like an account on any other website. It lets you login on any device using a username and password.

Web wallets, however, are not secure at all and should really not be used at all. Just a week ago, there was anissue with MyEtherWalletwhere its DNS got hijacked. The attackers were able to steal $13,000 worth of ether and ERC20 tokens.

Its also possible to get phished where you give a fake website your login credentials which they use to login on the real MyEtherWallet to steal your funds.

If you do decide to use MyEtherWallet, definitely use it with a hardware wallet and not as a web wallet.

TrustWalletis an Ethereum and ERC20 wallet. Binance, the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange, recently acquired TrustWallet.

BRD wallethas been around for a few years. It originally only supported Bitcoin, but recently added support for ether.

Its very easy to setup and you can start receiving ether within a few minutes. Since its a mobile wallet, it should only be used for day to day amounts of ether.

Jaxxis another popular wallet since it supports a lot of different coins. However, like Exodus, it isnot open source.

TrustWalletis an Ethereum and ERC20 wallet. Binance, the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange, recently acquired TrustWallet.

BRD walletis also available for Android devices. It originally only supported Bitcoin, but recently added support for ether.

Its very easy to setup and you can start receiving ether within a few minutes. Since its a mobile wallet, it should only be used for day to day amounts of ether.

Most ICO investors invest in ICOs for the long term. So you probably want secure storage for your ICO ERC20 tokens.

TheLedger Nano Spaired with MyEtherWallet for the interface is probably the best combination here.

The best wallet for mining will really depend on what you do with your mining income.

If you are constantly selling your mining income for other coins, you may just want to use a hot wallet like Mist Wallet.

But if you plan on saving your mining profits and want secure storage, theLedger Nano Sis a good choice. It also makes it easier to create new addresses than mining to a paper wallet.

We are not aware of a good way to generate an Ethereum paper wallet.

Once unique way to make one would be to use a hardware wallet to generate a seed. You could get a list of addresses and use them without the hardware wallet.

Deciding which Ethereum wallet is best for you will come down to a few things:

There is a large history of cryptocurrency being stolen from exchanges. When this happens, users lose money. For example, if an exchange holds 1000 ETH and gets 100 ETH stolen in a hack, you will likely lose 10% of your balance.

Thisalready happenedto one Canadian Ethereum exchange. The best option is to store your ether and ERC20 coins in your own wallet.

Yes, most of the wallets listed above support storing Ether (ETH) as well as any ERC20 token.

The Ethereum Blockchain is public and can be viewed by downloading full node software or using a block explorer.

Etherchainis a very popular explorer. To check the balance of an address, paste the address into the explorer. Any ethereum address looks like this:

At the time of writing, Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency. It has a price of $684 and a market cap of about$68 billion.

Therewas a bug in the Parity Ethereum walletthat led to the loss of around $300 million worth of ether.EIP999is set to unlock these funds. But it is very controversial because some argue that centralized decision making will reverse the lockup, but the point of Ethereum is to be decentralized.

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