Bitwise To SEC: 3 Reasons The World Is Ready For A Bitcoin ETF

Fundstrats Tom Lee Is Very Positive on Bakkt, Claiming That It Will Help Build Trust in Crypto

Fundstrat boss Tom Lee is certain that Bakkt will inject a dose of reputational repair in the cryptocurrency market

Bitcoin Price (BTC) Rallies Sharply But Facing Significant Hurdle

Bitcoin price started a strong rise after trading as low as $9,637 against the US Dollar. The price is trading above the $10,200 level, but it is facing hurdles near the $10,400 level. There was a…

Israels political backdrop gave attendees of Tel Aviv Blockchain Week an opportunity to ponder the duality of the bitcoin movement. LINK @La__Cuen reports

Crypto Market & Bitcoin Rebounding: BCH, Litecoin, TRX, XLM Analysis

The total crypto market cap bounced back sharply after testing the $245.0B support area. Bitcoin price is back above the $10,000 and $10,100 levels, with positive signs. Litecoin (LTC) price is…

After Dip of $500, Bitcoin Price Back to Trading Sideways at $10,200

After sudden $500 dip, BTC price is back to trading sideways near $10,200

Popular Smartphone Apps Are Adding Crypto Capabilities

News of Japan messaging giant Lines September 17 launch of an app-connected crypto exchange is captivating lots of attention in the crypto and tech industries this week. Other initially…

Brazilian Crypto Exchange Snubs Court Deadline to Fix Withdrawals

Alleged financial pyramid, Atlas Quantum rejects court deadline to resolve delayed BTC withdrawals

88N8 Digital Gold (Prod. Pyrodagod) Directed by Keem Ibarra

Former Ice Hockey Star Faces Bitcoin Swindling Charges

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are often mentioned in the same breath as cybercriminals. Most of those stories are, unfortunately, 100% correct. However, not every criminal had a troubled…

Hi everyone, Ive received a DM on discord saying that i won 0.25 BTC on a Random Givaway, which is clearly a scam. The supposed 5th anniversary celebration is described…

On-Chain Metrics May Point to Underlying Bullishness for Bitcoin

The past week has proven to be quite volatile for the crypto market, with multiple major altcoins posting major gains while Bitcoin traded sideways within the lower-$10,000 region. Yesterday,…

Sparkswap announces launch of desktop app for purchasing Bitcoin on Lighning Network via ACH transfer (MacOS, Windows, Linux)

Did you buy the dip this time?Ill tell them tomorrow…

Ross Ulbrict is arguably the second most influential individual in Bitcoin history?!?! – Sign the petition!

The Next Softfork – Bitcoin Optech Executive Briefing

Bitcoin Owners Are Giving Away Altcoins to Support TOR Project

Bitcoin maximalists say BTC is king and you should give away your altcoins to charity organizations

Zap Olympus a Fiat to Lightning Network On-Ramp » Bitcoin Magazine

[Podcast] Tales from the Crypt 101: Jack Mallers – Olympus Announcement

Can Coinbase Capitalize On Binance Becoming Less Attractive To US Crypto Investors?

San Francisco-based crypto exchange Coinbase has revealed that it is evaluating potentially launching its own initial exchange offering or security token offering, akin to the Binance Launchpad…

Bitwise Makes Pitch for Bitcoin ETF in Presentation Published by SEC

Bitwise provides three reasons why the SEC should approve its Bitcoin ETF proposal

Square Crypto completes developer team to improve Bitcoin

Bitcoin Investor: Well Never See $10K Again After Next Cycle Low

After a powerful parabolic rally in the second quarter of 2019, Bitcoin price is struggling to maintain the bullish momentum the crypto asset once had behind it and is currently consolidating in a…

Square Crypto Completes Inaugural Developer Team With Three New Hires

Square Crypto hires former Google, Libra and Lightning Labs developers to complete inaugural dev team

Jack Mallers just announced the most amazing thing ever! off-ramp service directly to LN

Fed prints billions of dollars, spreads fud and wants to buy the bottom?

Announcing Olympus: Lightning-enabled fiat ramps by Zap

Video Games giant Electronic Arts tweets Invest in Crypto

Arab Bank Swiss Rolls Out Crypto Custody and Brokerage Service

Arab Bank Switzerland, the Swiss subsidiary of a top Middle Eastern financial institution, has announced the launch of several cryptocurrency tools.  In a press release published […] The post…

Square Crypto Hires Lightning, Libra Developers for Bitcoin Dream Team

The Square Crypto team announced Thursday three more developer hires.

Bitcoin Price Blasts Past $10,000, Negating Bearish Case

The Bitcoin price has crossed the psychological importance price mark despite bearish forecasts

Bitcoin Cash Learns Block Size Economics, Ver Says BCH Not Restricted

Is Bitcoin Cash incapable of scaling or is it merely a media circus? Developer indications of a 2MB block size limit have set the community abuzz

Argentinas Central Bank to Increase Peso Supply by 5% in 2 Months

The Argentine peso monetary base will be increased by 2.5% per month in the next two months, the central bank announced

Trojan Virus Discovered That Steals Password Data from Crypto Wallets

Cybercriminals have launched a new malware conceived to steal data from crypto wallets. ThreatLabZ, a Zscaler team of security experts, has identified the malware as a RAT (Remote Access Trojan),…

Lightning Wallet Zap Launches in-App OTC Desk for Bitcoin Buyers

With new features from Zap, people can now buy bitcoin using the Lightning Network and reduce their reliance on centralized crypto exchanges.

Bitcoin Needs to Be Better Regulated to Get Listed on Nasdaq or NYSE, According to SEC Chairman Jay Clayton

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton claims that Bitcoin trading should be regulated in order way for a major exchange to open its doors

A third dose of cash from the fed, and they expect a fourth tomorrow.

North Korea Plans to Launch Cryptocurrency to Bypass Economic Sanctions

A North Korean official claims that a Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) cryptocurrency is on the horizon. According to a delegate for the Committee for Cultural Relations,…

Former Overstock CEO Sells His Entire 13% Stake in the Firm for $90M

Weeks after resigning from Overstock, Patrick Byrne sells his 13% stake in the firm to move to gold and crypto trading

US SEC Chairman: BTC Wont be on Major Exchanges Until More Regulated

U.S. SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said that for Bitcoin to be traded on major exchanges it needs stronger regulation

Bitcoin Grows in Periods of Low Equity Market Volatility: Report

Bitcoin exhibits no correlation with traditional asset classes. But it is gradually developing a relationship with the volatility derived from the US equity market, according to Kevin Kelly of New…

Explosive Mining Growth Indicates High Confidence in Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin miners are not giving up, showing immense confidence and working against significant network difficulty. The last difficulty hike from September 13 made it 10.38% less likely for miners to…

Millennials love Bitcoin, still dont trust or understand it: survey

CME Bitcoin Futures Volumes Hit 4-Month Low, Should We Be Worried?

The market for CME Bitcoin futures shrank to its lowest level in four months, with volumes about 50% lower than peak activity in July. The futures market behavior was viewed as an indicator for…

Bitcoin Fails to Regain $10K as Market Dominance Hits 6-Week Low

Altcoins shed some recent gains as Bitcoin price turns bearish

Supply is meeting demand. The number of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide is up over 500% since 2016 and there are currently 5,457 ATMs globally.

Bitcoin Hashrate Hits All-time High as Price Dwindles

The benchmark metric of miners confidence in the Bitcoin network established its all-time high on Thursday. Hashrate, which reflects the processing power of the Bitcoin network, reached almost 103…

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