This article explains about most important facts of cryptocurrency.

At the end of this blog post you will be able to clearly understand cryptocurrency jargons.

So lets read about the whole story of cryptocurrency.

So, Cryptocurrency emerged as a side product whenSatoshi Nakamotowas working to create a decentralized digital cash system.

In his announcement of Bitcoin in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto said that he developed A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.

This concept puts the existence of totally new invention called as cryptocurrency.

His major Invention was to get general agreement without a central authority which almost all people working at that time was failed to do. Satoshi in his published paper had proved that technically through peer to peer network it is possible to put cash system on completely decentralized platform.

The cryptocurrency is the byproduct of this invention. This thrilled the world economics pillars.

The cryptocurrency is a type of virtual currency generated through a special algorithm which can be worked as a medium of exchange.

Cryptocurrency uses cryptographic algorithm to secure the generation and transaction process.

Bitcoinis the first cryptocurrency which started this trend. After bitcoin there have been many currencies were launched on block chain concept.

Cryptocurrency priceis the most important metric which denotes the comparison of virtual currency with the world economic currency based system.

To understand the cryptocurrency prices concept we can take an example of old trading days. Where in ancient time there is no currency based system available.

Simple, they only exchanges goods based on the mutual trade conditions.

Same applies to cryptocurrencies, since cryptocurrency is in early phase we cant really buy all stuff with crypto coins. Hence there are multiple exchanges were opened where people exchanges coins with real money which is approved by government.

So lets say you have a cryptocurrencycoinwhich is traded on exchange based on demand supply concept. Your coin is traded on exchange against USD $100.

It means if you want to liquidate your cryptocurrency coin against USD you can transfer your coin and in returns you will get US dollars.

This exchange of coins vs real money or coin vs coin is measure through a number metrics which is calledcryptocurrency price.

On CoinMarketCapyou will see listing of all cryptocurrency coins and their respective prices. Below is the cryptocurrency prices example screenshot –

Since, Exchanges are based on demand and supply rule there is continuous price movements of coin markets and hence cryptocurrency prices are also fluctuates.

Also since cryptocurrency is based on complete decentralized approach there is not a single price of a coin. It is based on demand and supply of particular group.

To understand this concept in a bit we can take example of coinbase which is an US based cryptocurrency exchange platform. So lets say 1 million people joins an exchange and trade all available coins against real money or crypto vs crypto coins. The coin price is calculated based on demand of that particular coin in an exchange and what price people are willing to give for a coin.

So price may vary between a US exchange vs China exchange vs JAPAN exchange.

We in acoinmarketcapconsolidate the price from more than 2000 exchanges and came up with a single average price.

Theaverage price of cryptocurrencyis the indication of worldwide scenario of a particular coin. This is helpful for decision making and trade perspective.

Priceis calculated by taking the volume weighted average of all prices reported at each market. Sources for the prices can be found on the markets section on each cryptocurrency page.

CoinMarketCap, the most well-liked resource for tracking the worth of cryptocurrencies is now releasing an app.

A site that allows users to trackcryptocurrency prices, market caps and trade volumesin real-time, coin market cap started operations back in 2013, following seven coins and a couple of exchanges and markets.

Prices in South Koreas exchanges for currencies like bitcoin, ripple, and litecoin are normally up to 30 percent higher than in other countries, and when major cryptocurrency global index Coin Market cap removed Korean exchanges from their calculations, the site caused a huge crash.

CoinMarketCap, an online source forcryptocurrency market capitalizationfigures and price movements, decided to unexpectedly remove South Korean exchanges valuations from its reported averages, causing a significant decline in the overall market cap and individual currency prices over the last 24 hours.

CoinMarket Cap, arguably the most prominentglobal index of cryptocurrency prices, triggered a wave of anxiety and anger this morning when it removed a group of Korean cryptocurrency exchanges from its price calculations.

While coinmarketcap is a great tool for tracking the generalprice of a digital currency, its best to track the prices of cryptocurrencies on the exchanges youre planning on trading on. The CoinMarketCap platform not only provides cryptocurrency investors and observers with a running update on the current prices of digital currencies, but also allows users to view historical price data and charts as well as links to the official website of any given digital currency.

CoinMarketCap lists prices for hundreds of coins and tokens as well as trading volume data for exchanges. TIP: Some of the most important information to know wheninvesting in a cryptocurrencyis market cap (total coins in circulation compared to current price), price (in a fiat currency like USD and a major crypto like BTC), volume (fiat value of currency traded in a day), supply (circulating supply of a coin), social media buzz, andwhat exchanges it tradeson.

Bitcoin Price sample by Coinmarketcap Exchange –

LiveCoinWatchis the best real-time crypto price index website with graphs andhistorical datafor 1000+ coins including Bitcoin, Eethereum and altcoins from major cryptocurrency exchanges, on the other hand, seems to still be including South Korean exchanges as its prices are somewhat higher as is the total market capacity for cryptocurrencies which shows around $35 billion higher than CMC.

Following a frenzy of activity over the weekend which pushed the total crypto market capacity over $800 billion and shut down several exchanges to new users, analytics website CoinMarketCap arbitrarily decided not to include data from South Korean exchanges.

This is because CoinMarketCap provides users with a market average price drawn from many different exchanges in order to develop a clear picture of the actual price of a cryptocurrency. The prices presented by CoinMarketCap are slightly different to those provided by cryptocurrency exchanges such as Poloniex or Bittrex.

The surge of interest in cryptocurrency last year tookcoinmarketcap exchnage, which now tracks 1600 coins and 200 exchanges, from relative obscurity to a central institution for the sector. CoinMarketCap releases its first mobile app for tracking cryptocurrency prices. On Twitter, coinmarkets released a statement explaining their reasoning for the exclusion, saying that they excluded some exchanges in price calculations due to the extreme divergence in prices from the rest of the world and limited arbitrage opportunity. We are working on better tools to provide users with the averages that are most relevant to them.

Coinmarketsumoffer complete market coverage with real-time coin prices, charts and crypto market cap featuring over 1200 coins on more than 160 exchanges. CoinMarketCap lists more than 1,600 cryptocurrency prices among other key statistics about the coins and tokens including:APIand 20 other exchanges API to return cryptocurrencies prices and more.

CoinMarketCap is the go-to platform for anybody seeking to track the prices of cryptocurrency inworldwide markets. Coinmarketcaplists more than 1,600 cryptocurrency prices among other key statistics about the coins and tokens thus instantly wiping a big portion of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies market cap and causing a great deal of commotion on the market.

The newiOS app,available now on Apples App Store , is just what youd expect: CoinMarketCaps list of cryptocurrency prices tucked into a nice, mobile-friendly format. The cryptocurrency price-tracking site CoinMarketCap has unveiled a new mobile application and brand in celebration of its fifth year of operation. At its inception, CoinMarketCap was nothing more than a simple interface carrying data of just seven cryptocurrencies A blog post announcing the new app added that in those days, the total crypto market cap was only $1.6 billion.

Coincapmarketweights prices by volume, so this particular data point is contributing negligibly to the displayedprice of bitcoin.Unlike such trackers though, While the price and total market cap of Ripple did indeed take significant dips around 5AM UTC on January 8, the unexpected drops were purportedly the result of CoinMarketCaps decision to remove XRP prices from china exchange desks from the total average – and not people pulling their investments in masse. Unlike individual exchanges, which often have large disparities in coin prices, calculates a volume-weighted average for cryptocurrency prices. Coinmarketcap is an online platform that provides statistical data on the cryptocurrency market.

According toCoinDesk, the Korean exchangesBithumb, Coinone and Korbit, which consistently had prices well above the global market, were removed from CoinMarketCaps calculations. For some time, crypto traders have awaited an iOS app from the most popular cryptocurrency tracking websiteCoinMarketCap, and now, the waits over.

The growinginterest in cryptocurrencyhas seen investors pump millions upon millions of dollars into highly popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and ethereum The soaring initial coin investment environment has also given rise to an extensive list of new cryptocurrencies, necessitating the development of a platform that makes it possible to track all of their disparate prices in one place. Virtually any website that published cryptocurrency content links tocoinmarketcapexchangeas a reference to illustrate current market prices.

It provides real-time as well ashistoric cryptocurrency priceand volume data, charts and crypto coin rankings with a beta version of portfolio tracking tool and an integrated price alerting mechanism. This revelation spells troubles for the various cryptocurrency mining groups that call the country home due to the low prices of electricity, and strikes yet another blow to investors in the country after shutdowns of cryptocurrency exchanges and the development of a plan to ban Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). The price of a crypto on individual exchanges can differ quite a lot from the indicated price on Coinmarketcap.

Since Bitcoin has been thedominating cryptocurrency,it can be wise to analyses the dynamics of the market without it. In the two images above, you can see that the rest of the market has been having a hard time keeping up with the price action of Bitcoin. The X-axis represents time, and the Y-axis shows both the price and the total market cap of the cryptocurrency. Through the use of APIs , CMC has been able to continuously provide up-to-date information about the total value of the crypto market,current prices of cryptocurrencies, trade volumes and much more.

Indeed,alternative cryptocurrency pricetracking solutions like Live Coin Watch continue to show Ripple as the second largest currency by market share, boasting a market cap of $121 billion and a price of $3.16 at the time of writing. As many of you know, CoinMarketCap is the go-to resource for real-time cryptocurrency updates and pricing. The total supply of coins in circulation is now 3.5 billion, however the old circulation supply was initially listed on CoinMarketCap when it launched on themarket platform, which was the reason it appeared third on the market platform earlier today.

Litecoin Price table sample by Coinmarketcap Exchange –

A CRYPTOCURRENCYcalled PacCoin pushed Ripples XRP to third position onCoinMarketExchangemomentarily on Friday, following an error in listings on the market platform. Just two days ago, CoinMarketCap reported that the total cryptocurrency market capitalization had risen above $800 billion. This crypto plugin uses api to grab live crypto prices, market cap, charts and other data related to cryptocurrency.

There are currently over200 exchangesranked on CoinMarketCap today, but they have not listed a new exchange for quite some time. The irony is that nearly all crypto tracking apps use CoinMarketCaps API to get their data. The page provides various data about several listed coins, such as their price, available supply, trade volume over last 24 hours or market capitalization.

Back on April 12th 2018,EOS (EOS) was fightingfor the number 5 spot with Lite coin (LTC) in the cryptocurrency markets as illustrated by On that day, EOS had seen a good 32% jump in value in the markets and was trading at $8.76. The tokens market cap had also eclipsed that of Litecoin (LTC) by a good $272 Million. The price value shown on coinmarketcap is always the price of the asset being priced in the base currency that is implied by the volume weighted price displayed at the top. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker Widget WordPress plugin generates crypto coins price widgets short codes – bitcoin, Eethereum.

Thoughcryptocurrencies belong to a new class of financial assets,we can still welcome them as commodities and not currencies because of their high volatile prices, co-founder of Coindelta, and a Pune-based cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptocurrencies are also considered by some economists to be a short-lived fad or speculative bubble – concerned especially that the currency units, such as Bitcoins, are not rooted in any material goods. 100 Shortly thereafter, Nick Szabo created bit gold . 101 Like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that would follow it, bit gold (not to be confused with the later gold-based exchange, BitGold) was an electroniccurrency system which required users to complete a proof of workfunction with solutions being cryptographically put together and published.

(The total number of coins is a result of the systems initial rules governing how many bitcoins miners could earn, and how often.)Bitcoins limited money supplyis one of the things that people like about it: the currency cannot be debased, as money can when central bankers print more of it. But the flip side is that if the demand for bitcoins rises, for whatever reason, then the value of bitcoins will necessarily rise as well. While Bitcoin typically dominates the press around cryptocurrencies, neither Larsen nor Zhao directly earned their billions from it. Theyre instead deeply involved businessmen who are part of the larger, rapidly expanding ecosystem of cryptocurrency, helping to drive the coins into the future. Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are opening the doors to a new type of digital money, which we think has the potential to someday become a leading currency of the world.

Many cryptocurrency start-upshave raised money through an initial coin offering , or I.C.., a type of fund-raising campaign in which investors buy into a new venture using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency and receive virtual tokens instead of stock or voting rights in the company. Smart contracts are sometimes described as digital vending machines, and are essentially self-executing contracts which managecryptocurrency transactions, cutting out the need for any middle-man. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not tied to a bank or government and allows users to spend money anonymously.

Coinbaseis one of the best-known cryptocurrency exchanges, which makes it easy for people interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, to trade assets. This demand came mostly from everyday people looking to cash in on the cryptocurrency mining craze especially in November and December of 2017 when the price of Bitcoin was nearly $20,000. The latest plunge in the market came as wealth management firm deVere Group, which has $12 billion under advisement, said it was launching a cryptocurrency app that would allow users to store, transfer and exchange five of the biggest digital coins, citing soaring global demand.

Cryptocurrenciesenjoyed a bumper year in 2017 as mainstream investors entered the market and as an explosion in so-called initial coin offerings (ICOs) – digital token-based fundraising rounds – drove demand for bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoins slide triggered a selloff across the broader cryptocurrency market, with biggest rival Ethereum down 23 percent on the day at one point, according to trade website c, and the next biggest, Ripple, plunging by as much as a third. Bitfinex is a full-featured spot trading platform for major digital assets & cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, Monero and many more Bitfinex offers leveraged margin trading through a peer-to-peer funding market, allowing users to securely trade with up to 3.3x leverage.

Cryptocurrency marketsmirrored bitcoins latest drop in value, which fell below $6,000 for the first time this year.