World renowned veteran Trader of classical charting principles for over four decades and 1 author on Amazon with trading book Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader. A man dedicated to helping others in the world of market speculation.

Haejins passion is the study of sentiment to price interactions. Started Technical Analysis in 1997 with Edwards & Magee and later combined Elliott Wave Analysis. Learned lessons from markets since Dot Com bubble, a process of self-discipline, risk management, and emotional maturity developed.

An accomplished trader and educator of 10+ years dedicated to helping new traders avoid the early mistakes most of us make when getting started. Big Cheds teaches a style of trading focused on candlestick reading, with a keen eye on trader psychology and the emotional and mental discipline it takes to succeed in this game.

25+ year accomplished trading veteran in the Futures, Stocks and Options world. Trading Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin since 2015. A wealth of great trading knowledge to share with new, aspiring, and experienced traders.

Mark has been trading cryptocurrencies since 2014. Mark carries a deep knowledge of altcoin trading, security, how to safely store your investments for the future. Mark trades based on his SmartMoney Algorithim and is a trend analysis trader. He has been consulting and running since 2015.

An intermediate time-frame swing trader of 25 years, recognized as an expert on trading market Cycles. A risk management fanatic and educator. Bob is a Bitcoin maximalist and passionate entrepreneur.

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