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Best Bitcoin Gold Wallet: Which is perfect for your Bitcoin Gold?

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As we all know Bitcoin Gold is now live so in this post, we will talk about Best Bitcoin wallets to store your Bitcoin Gold securely.

Let me give you a quick refresher about Bitcoin Gold.

Bitcoin Goldis one more Altcoin which is recently launched in the market. It has resembled fromBitcoinand it is now live on the crypto market platform. It requires a digital wallet for being stored safely. Also in addition to that for sending and receiving transactions with other users and services a wallet is needed.

Resembling the Bitcoin andconverting it into an Altcoinis a smart step to gain attention in the market and giving Bitcoin investors a new option in the trading platform. There are several options of wallets for the storing purpose of different kinds of digital currencies.

As Bitcoin Gold is a new cryptocurrency there are not many options available in the market in terms of wallet for storing purpose. Currently, a limited number of verified wallets supports Bitcoin Gold. We will see these verified and trusted wallets in this post. so lets see all Best Bitcoin Gold Wallet. you can Read about this in details on theirofficial site.

Ledger Nano S is the best Hardware wallet and the most popular, trusted among all wallets until now. In terms of ease of use, price, popularity, easily carrying feature, lightning weight it covers and fulfills all the area of requirements of a user. This is the main reason you everyone knows the Ledger Nano S. apart from Bitcoin gold ledger alsosupport other altcoins.

Talking about some main features of Ledger Nano S

it is comparatively cheaper than any other Hardware wallet available in the market.

Ledger comes with a small OLED screen to control your transactions.

24-word seed key is used to create the private key so that users private key is safe with the user only.

The additional information is that it supports Bitcoin Gold so users need not to take a risk of their BTCs by exposing the seed key to any other wallet.

Coinomi is also a famous multicurrency crypto wallet. It is only available for smartphone inomiis in Best Bitcoin Gold Wallet List just because it has following features.

Comes with open source and keeps the private key safely on the device only.

it has inbuilt shapeshift integration for the cross trading of cryptos on the digital platform.

Coinomi is the first wallet for enabling BTG access from their wallet

Guarda is a secure wallet forBlockchainassets. It was launched recently in the year of 2017. There are not many details about the founders on the site. You can see only that it is an EU based company.

so lets see some feature of This bitcoin gold wallet.

Even the company dont have the access to private keys.

So the private key is secured and safe in the user device only.

The app has an easy to use interface with a clean design to maintain the customer experience.

Transaction in the blockchains is done within a second.

Currently available for smartphones and IOS only.

Bitcoin Gold core is theofficial sitefor mining Bitcoin Gold. It is a full node client wallet. In Bitcoin Gold core you can store, send and receive your Bitcoin Gold.

To use this wallet you will need to download the whole Blockchain as it is a full node client trade.

This will take enough amount of hard disk on your PC.

This is theofficial link. You can download the file from this link.

Freewalletstores and manage digital currencies with ease and in a smart way. This Bitcoin gold wallet is a mobile-first cryptocurrency wallet. They have a built-in synced management system so that user can start using the app with the download only.

They have Built-in cold storage So that all assets are stored offline in the vault for securing funds from the hackers and malicious files.

In Freewallet even if you lost your device, you will be able to freeze your account.

You can access the account from any other Android or IOS device.

Freewallet comes with an additional security level to secure your wallet from a secure code and verifying your email and phone number.

With smart transaction method, users need not worry about original currency. They can top up the wallet by almost any coin and send between blockchains passing exchange services.

Currently,trezordoes not support Bitcoin gold. Initially, trezor was not ready to support Bitcoin Gold because the source code was not available from the Bitcoin Gold side. Now as the source code is available from the company side so trezor has finally decided that they will support BTG.

company is working in developing support of BTG for Trezor. Users will be able to split BTG from BTC once the claim tool is ready by the company, assuming users held BTC on Trezor before block 491407

So this is some limited market option by trusted wallets for supporting BTG. In future, we expect that more wallet will come to supports BTG as this cryptocurrency is growing in the digital market. For now, you can use these wallets for storing your Bitcoin gold safely and securely.

so Thats all from my side. if you have any cofussion regarding this then let me know in comment section.

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5 Best Bitcoin Gold Wallet To store Your Bitcoin Gold:

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