With Canadian employment coming & global geopolitics shaking up the markets, could USD/CADs range behavior lead to a breakout soon?

Whos ready to trade the euro? I hope you are because these trend and range setups on EUR/USD and EUR/CAD are too good to miss. Check them out!

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Whos ready to trade the euro? I hope you are because these trend and range setups on EUR/USD and EUR/CAD are too good to miss. Check them out!

All of the yen crosses ended in the green at market close yesterday, which means the yen was weak. Is it now time to buy?

This mechanical system caught just the one signal for the week! Did it turn out a winner at least? Read on to find out.

Taking a shot on CAD/CHF to play my fundamental biases, which could see some action very soon with the latest Canadian jobs data.

Being hard on yourself is a way of addressing your problems. But it can become more of a bane than a boon to your trading if you get caught up in all the pessimism.

Hey, guys! This week Im looking at GBP/USD for possible trading opportunities. Are you checking out the same setup?

Whether you like trading comdoll crosses or you favor the major comdoll pairs, I got yo back with hot forex trade opportunities on USD/CAD and EUR/NZD. Get em while theyre hot!

Are these altcoins bottoming out or hinting that further declines are in the works? Time to look at the charts and get my dose of MarketMilk™!

If youre going to short euro, why not short the most bearish euro pair? Pippo shows one of his favorite methods on how to find the most bearish.

Decided to maximize my potential gain (while reducing my max risk) on my GBP/JPY short after dovish comments from Boris Johnson. Heres a quick update on my latest adjustment.

Retest alert! Ive seen this double bottom neckline break on AUD/NZD but thought it better to wait for a pullback instead. Think this would be a good entry?

Whattup, forex playas. Im trying out MarketMilk™ today! Heres how it helped me with AUD/JPY and AUD/NZDs setups.

This system snagged some early exits on new crossovers once again but managed to catch some pips. Take a look!

Were keeping it simple with a couple of Fibonacci setups on AUD/CAD & GBP/CHF, while CAD/CHF is clearly showing bullish technical patterns ahead of top tier Canadian data this week.

Its not every day that the market goes your way. But when it does, wouldnt you want to make the most out of it?

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