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With Legions apocalyptic crusade now officially over, its time to shift our attention back to Azeroth, where it all began. 14 years after the initial launch of World of Warcraft, were now back to the old world, where the Battle of Azeroth takes place in!

Horde versus Alliance now has a whole new meaning and the clash between the two factions is more epic than it has ever been. The new WoW expansion also brings a plethora of changes and gameplay modifications including:

Just a quick glance at the new features is more than enough for you to realize that Blizzard have really outdone themselves this time. And in-game gold is as valuable as ever!

Although brand new, BfA keeps the core game mechanics that we all know and love. Subsequently, money talks and gold is king when it comes to progressing in Battle for Azeroth since you need gold for almost anything, from crafting to getting boosted in Mythic+ dungeons.

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Based on the total ratings of 84 orders in the past 30 days

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