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Digital Currency Group(DCG) is aventure capitalcompany focusing on thedigital currencymarket. It is located inNew York City.1

Digital Currency Group was launched in 2015 byBarry Silbert, who previously foundedSecondMarket, Inc.. He began investing in bitcoin companies in 2013.2First, as anangel investor providing funding for many of the earliest companies includingCoinbaseBitPay, andRipple.citation needed

In 2015, Silbert sold SecondMarket toNASDAQ.3Shortly after SecondMarkets sale, Silbert formed Digital Currency Group, with Genesis and Grayscale becoming the first of the companys subsidiaries.4

Established in 2013, Grayscale is a digital currency investing firm. Grayscale also manages the Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC), which was the first publicly quoted securities solely invested in, and deriving value from, the price of bitcoin when it launched in 2013.2The Trust trades under symbol: GBTC on theOTCQXmarket, and is only available to accredited investors.56

CoinDesk is a global media, research, and events platform that was acquired by Digital Currency Group in 2016.7The company is best known for its coverage of blockchains daily news, Bitcoin Price Index and data tools, and its tutorials and research products, including the quarterlyState of Bitcoinreport. CoinDesk also hosts a conference on digital currencies and blockchain technologies titledConsensus,8which was last held in May 2018 in New York City and hosted approximately 8,500 attendees.9

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