Build apps on Hedera with its network services.

Learn core concepts and review the Hedera API.

With cryptocurrency, transactions can be expressed in code without costly intermediaries. The Hedera Cryptocurrency API gives you the tools to manage accounts and enable scalable, low-latency transactions that cost a fraction of a cent using the native network coin,HBAR.

With transactions of value expressed as code, you can create unique experiences, such as developing a service that enables people to pay for reading a blog post or enabling IoT devices to establish a data marketplace.

The efficiency of hashgraph yields extremely fast cryptocurrency transactions with low-latency finality in seconds.

Transaction fees are a fraction of a cent letting you unlock new microtransaction-based business models with a positive impact to your bottom line.

Create and manage accounts and their keys with support for ED25519 encryption, with ECDSA384 and RSA3072 coming soon.

Native support for multiple signatures, threshold signatures, and even hierarchical signatures that contain other threshold signatures.

Request a free receipt to know consensus was reached or a detailed record of the transaction for your business.

Cryptocurrency allows for value to be transacted through ad-hoc relationships, encouraging user privacy and more seamless experiences.

By using consensus timestamps, cryptocurrency transactions have accurate ordering to make real-time bidding possible.

Cryptocurrency protects the Hedera network with its proof-of-stake system. To use a Hedera network service youll pay a small transaction fee.

With cryptocurrency, you can disintermediate traditional payments and transact in new ways, like responding to HTTP requests. Get started by adding donations or a cryptocurrency paywall to your content.

A user, with a browser extension, visits a blog with HTML tags. The extension identifies the tags as requiring that the user pay to view content.

The extension asks user for permission to pay, or they can choose to authorize payments to specific websites up to a given threshold.

The extension signs a transaction with your private key and the websites payment gateway passes the transaction instructions to the Hedera network for verification.

Hedera network responds with a verification success code, updates account balances for the site and the user, and unlocks the URL path and content for the user.

Explore other Hedera network services to run powerful smart contracts and manage files.

The tokenized economy will change how we define ownership. Use the Solidity language to create assets, perform atomic swaps, or interact with outside oracles.

Create and manage files, with guaranteed visibility, acting as a revocation service for credentials. Hedera uniquely enables the ability to prove GDPR compliance with controlled mutability.

Write transactions at native speed for a scalable, cost-effective solution to manage exchange orders, audit logs, supply chain tracking, and endless possibilities.