The companys revenue from operation fell 19% to Rs 10,538.3 crore while profit …

He says that single-minded focus is needed at the time to ensure you dont succumb to the elements.

Gold standard for rating CSR activities by corporates

The SBI boss further said in terms of development, India is still not in the developed category. Besides, the per capita income is still low. There is huge scope for growth in India, and demographics is also not against India.

The company is looking to expand in India by partnering with local cryptocur…

Some crypto-exchanges have taken the drastic decision…

I dont think the Federal Reserve is a believer in negative interest rates. Its not a QE programme.

The Reserve Bank of India has banned banks from dealing in cryptocurrencies but informal networks abound.

It, however, pitched for introduction of an official digital currency with a status of a legal tender and appropriately regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.

It would be a pity to slam the door on innovation & technology spinoffs.

Investors face the unsavoury prospect of seeing their crypto wealth erode to zero.

The yet-to-be-released report also highlights illegal transactions and tax evasions among problems.

There are around 2,116 cryptocurrencies globally, with a market cap of $119.46 billion.

RBI has been vacillating between under-estimation of cryptos potential and its fear of bad-actor use cases.

The charges carries a maximum potential penalty of 20 years in prison and a USD 5 million fine.

Libra falls under the category of virtual currency called stable coin.

Some startup founders feel that Facebooks proposed currency system may not require banks to transfer money to buy or sell digital currency.

Ban can lead to growth of these currencies through illegitimate sources such as dark web.