Tron was recently in the spotlight when it added more than 500k users that have permission to the dApps in the third quarter of 2019. More than that, the foundation of the Tron platform, Justin Sun revealed the new 160 million USDT issuance on top of Tron. There are currently 30 diverse exchanges that are

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Not too long ago, it was reported that Tron revoked the power of GR. Along the way, the network was able to prove its decentralization further by introducing Super Representatives (SR). The SRs of Tron contributed a great deal to the massive success of the crypto project. The SRs would vote upon the proposals before

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While a majority of altcoins have been faring well over the past week, there has been one crypto asset that has exceeded the expectations of many: Chainlink (LINK). Over the past 10 days, the community-favorite…

Analysts: Ethereum Strong, May Soon Breakout Against Bitcoin

ETH/BTC Ready to Favor Ether Bulls  At long last, Ethereum is finally showing some price strength against Bitcoin. The ETH/BTC trading pair, which has been collapsing dramatically for over a year, is purportedly starting to…

Tron Revokes The Power Of GR Justin Sun Updates The Community

Tron had a busy year and the project has been both acclaimed and criticized at the same time. Tron managed to achieve a lot of things since it migrated from the blockchain of Ethereum to the main net. The network was also able to prove its decentralization further by introducing Super Representatives (SR). The SR

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The crypto market is pretty red today, with most coins dropping in price. The privacy-oriented coin Monero, on the other hand, managed to correct significantly upwards during the Asian trading hours. The market update from the past few hours showed a small intraday gain. Monero leaves the door open for a bullish move According to

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As you know, the crypto market suffered a massive correction these days, and a few expert opinions are claiming that this will probably continue. But not everyone sees things this way, and it seems that some bullish predictions are still popping up in the crypto space. Bloomberg analyst is bullish on Bitcoin A senior analyst

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AFTER Bitcoins price exploded last year, all eyes have been on the volatile cryptocurrency market. Tron, which hit the market in September 2017, is one of the newest kids on the crypto-block What is TRX? Like Bitcoin, Tron is cryptocurrency which is traded online. But unlike Bitcoin, it is attached to a new blockchain-based technology []

TRONIX(TRX) is the native currency ofTRON.A project that aims to create adecentralized platform for sharing entertainment content based on blockchain technology. TheTron Foundation, a non-profit association behind the project. They wants to shake up the entertainment industry. This value is estimated today at $ 1 trillion.

TRONs open and decentralized platform should allow digital content creators to do without intermediaries such as the App Store or Google Play. So they could be paid directly by consumers.

Currently, a small number of companies such asFacebook,Amazon,GoogleandSnapchatcontrol a significant portion of user data and the time they spend on the Internet.TRONwould like to limit this seizure of large companies on the internet, by putting the ownership of data in the hands of content creators.

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