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5 Best Bitcoin Mining Pool To Join Free- Earn High Rate Profit

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From last few weeks, we covered aboutmining hardwarebest bitcoin exchanges, best bitcoin software but we did not cover about best mining pool. Which is a most crucial aspect of Best Bitcoin Mining Pool ?

Who are new on my blog, let me tell you here on coin raja we solve cryptocurrency related problem and try to minimize the effort to make money in the real world of trading.

If you are looking for money making in cryptocurrency world than trading is not only the option. Yes, you can also make with bitcoin mining.

But solo bitcoin mining does not really work as compared to Best Bitcoin Mining Pool. If you are new in this field in you are thinking about what is Bitcoin Mining Pool ?

So, lets see the first small introduction to Best Bitcoin Mining Pool ?

Bitcoin mining pool is a place where more than 1 people joined together to mine the bitcoin and Award is distributed in between miners according to theirhash ratewhich is used in solving blockchain algorithm.

Choosing best bitcoin mining pool is most important part because this gone decide profit and share of yours in mining.

I think now you have little bit knowledge of bitcoin mining pool.  now you one question which comes to my mind during early periods of mining is what makes any site first best and what second.

Let see some features which you have to see before choosing bitcoin mining pool.

Size of mining pool is equal to earlier and frequent payment of mining and Small mining pool cannot compete with big mining pools which is equal to less profit.

If you make less profit then you will get let threshold payment. Therefore always choose bigger bitcoin mining pool over small mining pool.

In recent research and studies expert found that many exchanges charges fee and they even disclose this to the customer. This charge is In between 0% to 3%.

Nowadays many mining pools get hacked, which raised a serious question on mining pool security. Always see past attack on that exchange and all security which they are providing.

Now I will give you best 10 bitcoin mining pool mega list butI will suggest using only top 5 mining pool as they are more profitable but the choice is yours.

Slush pool is first public all available bitcoin inning pool in 2010. You can mine bitcoin andzcashhere. Bitcoin mining fee is 2% whereaszcashmining is free here. It is run by Satoshi labs, one of the famous names in cryptocurrency world.

This is medium sized mining pool with 7% of share in bitcoin mining. Slush pool is best for beginners who want to just try this mining pool. The dashboard is very user-friendly. You can buy hash rate here directly with cash.Unfortunately, it is oldest, best but not the biggest bitcoin mining world.

Antpoolis a Bitcoin mining pool. The pool is run by Bitmain technologies Ltd. Originally Antpool is a Chinese based company. Also, Antpool is the worlds leading manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware and other related services.

Antpool supports mining ofBitcoinLitecoin, andEthereum. Accepted payment methods are PPS, PPLNS, and SOLO. One of the features of Antpool is you can choose between PPLNS with 0% fees or PPS with 2.5% fees. Antpool has around 22% of the network Hash rates. This helps to make Antpool as the biggest Bitcoin mining pool.

Antpool supports both stratum and p2p mining mode and the minimum withdrawal limit on Antpool is 0.0005 BTC.

Continuously creating innovative software for consumers as well business segment.

Dashboard clearly shows earnings and Hash rates.

Beginner friendly and easy to navigate the system.

Several security options including 2-factor authentication

Payouts are smaller as compared to the features and popularity of the platform.

Somedays before the website has crashed and was closed for many hours.

F2Pool is also referred as Discuss Fish and It is a Chinese based Pool company. It has mined 5-6% of all Blocks over the last past six months.

F2Pool was launched on 5thmay 2013. It has a 14%  Hash rate. Currently, it is the second largest Bitcoin mining pool.

F2Pool uses pay per share system with the 4% fees. They mine Bitcoin and Litecoin according to the preferences and it has also the different miner servers for Ethereum and Zcash. The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.001 BTC and they also merge mine three additional coins, UnitedScryptCoin, Huntercoin, and peseta coins.

Eligius mining is a cloud mining website. This is the United States based Bitcoin mining pool and like F2Pool, Eligius also uses the pay per share method. The minimum payout of Eligius is 0.04 BTC.The network Hash rate of Eligius is 1% which means it is relatively smaller mining pool.

Eligius takes 0% fees and passing on mining transaction fees along with the Block reward and if your mining stops for a couple of days then your earnings are added to the payout queue. Any changes on site require signed administration using your bitcoin wallet address. It is also your username.

Btcc is Shanghai-based bitcoin mining pool exchange which is found in 2011, June and this is also first bitcoin mining pol founded in China. It has all charges free and because of this it is the best mining pool in the world. It is biggest mining pool in world by volume.

The light rate is too low in China which makes BTC famous and largest in the world and You can also be mining litecoin other than bitcoin. The dashboard is very user-friendly.

I think if you are master in bitcoin mining then you should always go with anantpool. All payouts are frequent and also, there is no security-related issue which raises any question on Antpool. If you are new then you can also go with slush pool.

Btcc is mainly for Chinese citizens. The choice is yours, you can choose any of them.So, this is my opinion on the Best Bitcoin Mining Pool.

I hope you like Best Bitcoin Mining Pool collection, if yes then share this on any social media platform and let others know about this.

Which mining pool you are using andDo you know any other which is also best, let me know in comment section below?

Hey, This is Mahesh Chaube, computer Engineer by Education and Crypto Blogger by Profession From Mumbai. Here at coinraja i write about money making and Reviews on Cryptocurrency Related Thing. I hope you are enjoying My post. cheers !!

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