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Bitcoin Price Blasts Past $9,000, Putting Bulls in Charge Once Again

Bitcoin bears have been proven wrong once again with the Bitcoin (BTC) price surging by three percent in minutes

Bitcoin Suisse Partners with Worldline for Increasing BTC Adoption in PoS and E-Commerce

Switzerland, one of the leaders in crypto adoption, will use nationwide BTC payment solution by crypto-financial group Bitcoin Suisse and top payment processor Worldline

Bitcoin Price Is Very Likely to Hit $1,000,000, According to Crypto Veteran Bobby Lee

Bitcoin veteran Bobby Lee has shared his long-term Bitcoin price prediction that will probably enrage gold proponent Peter Schiff

Ethereum (ETH) Investor Shares His Million Dollar Success Story That He Doesnt Want You to Replicate

Dan Conway reveals how he escaped corporate America and made millions with his huge bet on Ethereum (ETH)

Latest XRP Price Predictions Is it on the Verge of Bigger Drop in the Next Few Days?

Weve collected the opinions of analysts from Trading View on XRP. They turned out to be quite controversial.

Bitcoin Supporter Peter McCormack: DAI Too Complicated for Normal People to Use

Bitcoin podcaster and crypto enthusiast Peter McCormack bashed the DAI stablecoin for its complex structure, saying that it is too hard for regular users to understand

Millionaire Bitcoin Trader: Bottom Isnt In Yet, Deeper Pullback Expected

Highly regarded bitcoin trader says the bottom for the dominant cryptocurrency isnt in just yet following its 5 percent drop overnight

XRP Integrated by Key PornHubs Partner, NetCents Will Adult Content Giant Expand Its Crypto List?

NetCents crypto payment gateway integrates XRP, chances are high that NetCents major partner PornHub will add XRP to already running Verge and Tron-based payments

Roger Ver Claims Bitcoin Is Not Censorship-Resistant. Heres Why

Roger Ver riles up crypto Twitter by claiming that Bitcoin is not really resistant to censorship

Pastors Who Trade Bitcoin and Buy Lambos Exposed by Church Members

SPAC Nations pastors who scammed students into taking loans to fund their crypto businesses enjoy a very lush life

EOS-Based Forks Architect on Telos Plans: DEX, Stablecoins, DAOs

Douglas Horn, Chief Architect of the Telos blockchain, shares his plans on Telos development, with focus on Sub-Saharan Africa.

Peter Schiff Reacts to Sudden Bitcoin Price Drop: Get Ready for the Dump!

Peter Schiff adds fuel to the fire while the Bitcoin price is dropping like a rock

Father of C++ Bjarne Stroustrup on Bitcoin: Some Things I Wish People Wouldnt Do

In a recent interview with Lex Fridmans Artificial Intelligence Podcast, C++ creator deeply regrets some use cases of its brainchild, primarily – Bitcoin.

TV Host Stephen Colbert Mentions Bitcoin During His Anti-Trump Tirade

Bitcoin and Blockchain get mainstream exposure on Stephen Colberts Late Show

IOTA to Prevent Sybil Attacks on Its Chain Using Mana-Based System

The IOTA team plans to introduce a new system of using mana for the prevention of so-called Sybil attacks against its network

Bitcoin Price May Spill More Blood, Declining to $8,600, Crypto Traders Say

While the Bitcoin price keeps declining, crypto analysts are expecting more blood on the crypto market as BTC is likely to drop to $8,600

Ripple-Backed MoneyGram CEO on XRP: Were Able to Settle Billions of USD in Seconds via ODL

During the Ripples Swell event in Singapore, the head of MoneyGram stated that 10% of all operations between the US and Mexico are running on On-Demand Liquidity and XRP

Bitcoin Businessman Blackmailed for $700,000 by CBI Officer

A recent investigation brings to light a criminal case in India when a CBI officer blackmailed a local businessman for his profit-making actions with Bitcoin

Update: Tether Denies USDT Was Used to Manipulate Bitcoin Price in 2017

Tether explains many deficiencies in the study, which claims that USDT was used to manipulate the cryptocurrency market in 2017

RippleNet Home: Ripple Introduces Revolutionary Product for Connecting Its Clients

Ripple customers now can seamlessly interact with each other with the help of RippleNet Home

Bitcoin to Form New Economic Class: Adamant Research Report

Bitcoin is creating a new economic class of people that are not dependent on traditional financial institutions, according to Tuur Demeester

Binance quietly adds Euro as it continues to expand the list of available fiat currencies

Ethereums Upcoming Istanbul Hard Fork Details Shared By Team Lead

Pter Szilgyi, team lead for the Ethereum Foundation, has confirmed the date for upcoming Istanbul Hard Fork and details of new Geth release

Bitcoin Jobs Continue to Grow Exponentially Despite Price Fluctuations: Indeed Study

Whether its crypto winter or crypto summer, the number of cryptocurrency and Blockchain-related jobs continues to grow

Stellar Lumens (XLM) to Post Another 37 Percent Gain after Recent Pump, Crypto Trader Says

A crypto trader expects XLM to grow another 37 percent before it hits resistance, while the community is heatedly discussing the recent token burn

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