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Cryptocurrency news: Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum are RISING today – but why?

CRYPTOCURRENCY prices float back into the green today amid suggestion institutional investors, BlackRock, are investigating blockchain opportunities. Why are Cryptocurrency prices rising?

Cryptocurrencyprices soared Monday morning as reported emerge BlackRock may be looking to enter the crypto-market.

The market jumped into the green this morning after suffering a worried few weeks that saw prices slump to a 3 month low.

Bitcoin has jumped up 4.05 percent to trade at $6,631.70, while Ethereum is trading for $476.81. Ripple is going for $0.467241 (up4.67 percent)and Litecoin is trading for $83.49 (up 7.09 percent).

Most of the major digital coins rose roughly 4 percent on the day, as confidence in the market increases.

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Bitcoin, Ripple, andEthereum are rising today – but why?

According to unnamed sources, the cryptocurrency market is about to see a big bump from a major investor.

Londons Financial News newspaper has reported BlackRock has created a department specifically to investigate cryptocurrenciesandblockchain technology.

This is big news for a market which seeks legitimate investor backing tostabiliseprices.

Therumoursare significant given the size and influence that BlackRock wields.

Cryptocurrency news: Bitcoin, ripple and ethereum are RISING today – but why?(Image: GETTY)Cryptocurrency price: A year in chartsMon, March 12, 2018Compare crypto currencies (Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin) on value, market cap and supply for the past yearand Ethereum,which has seen a tumultuous time inthe last few weeks.

A series of large-scale hacks on exchanges Bithumb andCoinRailsaw investor confidence wane.

But recent events suggest a whole host of hedge funds are looking to make moves in the market.

Many industry experts believe that increased involvement from institutional investors in the cryptocurrencyspace will boost confidence in anotherwise dubious market.

Mati Greenspan,seniormarket analyst at eToro, said: It definitely is causing some excitement.

The idea of big financial firms moving into crypto certainly isnt new and this is a trend weve been noticinggaining strength since November.

Last year, two trading giants,CME Groupand theCBOE, launched bitcoin futures products, lifting hopes ofinstitutional involvement incryptocurrencies.

Virtual currencies have been shrouded in doubt due to excessive volatility in the market resulting in wild priceswings. Bitcoin soared close to$20,000 late lastyear,but has declined since, with transaction volumesfalling significantly.

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