Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

Libra Coin News, Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency, Calibra Digital Wallet

Will Facebooks Libra Coin Be Regulatory Gauntlet?

Facebook wants to introduce a crypto currency called Libra. Heres everything you need to know

What they WONT TELL YOU about Facebook Libra Collapsing! 😱 Bitcoins most bullish sign yet

Facebook Libra Coin Airdrop Join DOBI Exchange HurryUp II Urdu II Hindi II

Facebook Libra Coin The New Bitcoin???


Will Facebooks Libra Coin Be Regulatory Gauntlet?

Will Facebooks Libra Coin Be Regulatory Gauntlet?

Facebook wants to introduce a crypto currency called Libra. Heres everything you need to know

What they WONT TELL YOU about Facebook Libra Collapsing! 😱 Bitcoins most bullish sign yet

Facebook Libra Coin The New Bitcoin???



392 Comment Từ Phin Điều Trần Của Facebook Libra Tại Hạ Viện Hoa Kỳ + Coinbase + Grin Hardfork

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LIBRA: Senate Banking Hearing on Facebook Digital Currency

Facebooks Cryptocurrency faces congressional backlash

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The TRUTH about Facebooks Cryptocurrency 🚨Libra Blockchain White Paper EXPLAINED!

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Facebook! Libra blockchain white paper! ?

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Facebook Lanza Libra y Calibra 💲 La moneda virtual de Facebook 💲

📢 17 19 2019 . LIBRA COIN FACEBOOK

Libra Facebook. . Binance

Facebooks new cryptocurrency in hindi ।। libra fully explained (new cryptocurrency of facebook )

Libra Facebook. !

The TRUTH about Facebooks Cryptocurrency 🚨Libra Blockchain White Paper EXPLAINED!


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Facebook goes Crypto: Libra Coin Gefahr oder Chance für Bitcoin und Ethereum?



LIBRA la Criptomoneda de Facebook y el gran secreto! 😱🇺🇸 Que esconde Libra

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👎🏾Worldwide Pushback Against Facebook Libra Coin An Unlikely Suitor For Libra Coin

Podcast 187: FACEBOOK lança sua moeda digital Projeto Libra

Tech companies vying to be the next banks are facing trust issues

Apple and Google beat Facebook to digital payments years ago, with both partnering up with traditional banks to offer a credit card and bank account …

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Facebooks next developer conference will take place in May 2020

While we dont know much about what Facebook will deliver next year, we have some ideas. Facebook Libra and Facebook Pay have been in the …

Libra – the cryptocurrency project Facebook that aims to compete with PayPal and other payment processors was facing a terrible blow when nearly …

Monday Nights at Daiqritas!!!!! – Libra Lounge Houston

Libra Lounge Houston October 7 . Monday Nights at Daiqritas!!!!! Image may contain: food. No photo description available. Image may contain: drink.

This is how ANZ plans to challenge Google, Apple & Facebook

Facebook Pay will also soon be a thing, which isnt related to the cryptocurrency project Libra. Google is looking into ways to offer transaction accounts …

Trust is money in the bank, but most companies are leaving it on the table

Consumers and corporations alike are also distrustful of Facebooks cryptocurrency Libra. Examples like this demonstrate that certain purchases …

Centralized Exchanges Stand In The Way Of Blockchain Adoption

… stand in the way of the mass adoption of blockchain, how Ethereum differs from Bitcoin, Facebook wants to be a major player in Web 3.0 with Libra, …

Facebook Pay could potentially impact Bitcoins market

While Libra is yet to be released and given the necessary regulatory clearance to function as a digital asset, Facebooks proposed crypto-project has …

Bit Spark Seeks to Provide Crypto to Developing Regions

One of the big companies right now looking to allegedly assist the unbanked is Facebook. The social media giant has been pushing its new Libra …

Consumers Need to be More Aware of What They Are Giving Facebook

Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world, with 2.41 billion … Many of the questions regarding Libra were about it as a monopoly.

Yangs Regulation Of Crypto Might Be The Only Way To Save The Industry

Moreover, Facebook whose sole focus has been on the embattled Libra crypto venture for months suddenly switched its priority, announcing …

Bank of Japan Governor Announces Investigation into Digital Currencies

… the latest central bank governor to weigh in on digital currencies and stablecoins, following the global regulatory storm created by Facebooks libra.

Facebook announces dates for its 2020 F8 developers conference

Facebook announced its plans for its F8 annual developer conference, … a company thats still trying to be disruptive, with new products like Libra.

Blockchain startup Bison Trails, a founding member of Libra Association, raises $25.5 M Series A led

Blockchain startup Bison Trails, a founding member of Libra Association, … Bison Trails commitment to take part in Facebooks Libra Association.

Starting in 2020, Facebook will have its own virtual, digital currency, named Libra and based on blockchain technology. The community of 2.5 billion …

One Issue Bringing Democrats and Republicans Together? Banning Big Tech From Banking

… footsteps of other large technology companies seeking to enter into the field: Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg has plans to mint his own currency, Libra; …

FinCEN: Stablecoin Issuers Are Money Transmitters, No Matter What

Blancos comments add legal clarity to a fast-evolving corner of the crypto space, whose recent big-name storylines such as Facebooks Libra project …

Visa, eBay, Mastercard, and More Depart From Facebooks Libra Cryptocurrency: Initial backers are slowly stepping away from the digital currency.

Fidelity Digital Assets Gets NY Trust Charter to Custody Bitcoin for Institutions

The New York Department of Financial Services has granted Fidelity Digital Assets Services (FDAS) a charter to operate as a limited liability trust company to custody digital currencies and execute crypto trading.

FinCEN: Stablecoin Issuers Are Money Transmitters, No Matter What

Just because you say you are a banana doesnt make you a banana, said Director Blanco.

Bakkt, Fidelity Will Store Galaxy Digitals New Bitcoin Fund Holdings

Galaxy Digital is tapping Bakkt and Fidelity Digital Assets to store the bitcoin for its two new funds.

Blockchain Capital Leads $25M Funding Round for Libra Member Bison Trails

Bison Trails has secured a $25.5 million Series A round led by Blockchain Capital to develop the firms infrastructure services.

Grayscales Bitcoin Trust Seeks SEC Reporting Company Status

Grayscale Investments has filed to register its bitcoin trust as an SEC reporting company, potentially the first crypto vehicle to attain such status.

PayPal Joins $4.2M Round for Crypto Banking Compliance Startup

Reddit founder Alexis Ohanians Initialized Capital, Blockchain Capital and PayPal Ventures are backing TRM Labs in its effort to help financial firms manage crypto risk.

When Lambo? Cryptos Favorite Automaker to Track Cars on Salesforce Blockchain

Automobili Lamborghini, the manufacturer of the most craved sports cars in crypto, will trial blockchain tech in its supply chain operations.

Canadas Einstein Exchange No Longer Has Bulk of Users Claimed CA$16M: Receiver

The exchange, taken over by a Canadian securities regulator two weeks ago, has just CA$45,000 in crypto and cash left.

IRS Focusing on Potential Illicit Activities Facilitated by Bitcoin ATMs: Official

The Internal Revenue Service is looking at bitcoin ATMs and their potential to facilitate illicit activities, its criminal investigation chief said.

Bitcoin Price Faces Deeper Dive as Bear Cross Confirmed

Bitcoin looks set to test support at $7,520 after a bearish cross was confirmed Monday and recent gloomy China news.

US Federal Reserve Exploring Digital Dollar and Its Effect on Monetary System

The U.S. Federal Reserve System is evaluating the development of a digital dollar and what issues and risks it could potentially pose

Altcoin Market Capitalization Shrinks Despite Volume Boost Since 2017

Despite losing their relative market share, most altcoins have produced significant gains in volume since the 2017 bull run

Quebec Mining Firm Expands Despite Protests of Local Population

Mining firm Bitfarms expands its operations in Sherbrooke despite complaints about the noise from the local population

Sberbank Patents Blockchain Repo Solution in a Purported First for Russia Banks

Russias state-owned Sberbank, has pioneered a blockchain solution to automate and reduce counterparty risk in repo markets

New York Judge Grants US Government Right to Intervene in $7M Bitcoin Fraud Case

The U.S. government now has the right to interfere in a multimillion Bitcoin scam case initially brought before the court by the CFTC

Cryptocurrency Forensics Firm Elliptic Ties $400M in XRP to Illicit Activities

Cryptocurrency analytics firm Elliptic states that $400 million in XRP tokens are tied with illicit activities

Dutch Soccer Assn. Trials Blockchain App at EU Championship Qualifying Match

A blockchain-based app designed to combat ticket fraud was trialed at yesterdays Netherlands-Estonia European Championship qualifying match

Libra Network Logged Over 30 Projects in Past Two Months of Testing

The Libra Association has managed to log more than 30 projects and 51,000 transactions on the Libra network since it reset the testnet on September 17, 2019

Bitcoin Price Clings to $8K as Analysts Warn Market Has Turned Bearish

Bitcoin likely in line for further drops despite preserving $8K

Bitcoin May Hit $4,500 But Miners Have Mostly Capitulated Analysts

Tone Vays and Willy Woo weigh odds of $4.5K Bitcoin price floor

Singapore plans to introduce crypto derivatives

Singapores financial regulatory authority announced that it is evaluating whether to allow crypto derivatives to be traded in the nation. Singapore vows to introduce crypto derivatives In response to the increasing interest from institutional investors to trade crypto-related products, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issued a consultation paper proposing to let such products be []

DappRadar uncovers over $73 million in unaccounted Ethereum DApp volume

After adding ERC20 token tracking for all Ethereum dapps, data aggregator DappRadar uncovered $73 million in unaccounted for 7-day volume on the network. In a press release shared with CryptoSlate, the company said the increase in volume equates to $3.8 billion. Ethereum dapp ranking will now reflect real usage While decentralized applications are still a []

Research shows 0.2% of XRP transactions are illegal

Elliptic, one of the leading crypto-asset risk management solutions providers in the world, found that less than 0.2 percent of all transactions on the XRP network are tied to illicit activities. $400 million worth of XRP linked to illegal activities Tom Robinson, the chief scientist and co-founder at Elliptic, announced today that the firm would []

Why was there 3.7 million Ethereum ERC-721 transfers in a single day?

The Ethereum blockchain recently experienced a spike in the number of ERC-721 transfers made on a single day. The surged appears to be related to a particular decentralized application (dApp) on its network that is taking off. 6 million tokenized items On Nov. 17, Ethereum saw the number of ERC-721 transfers on its network reach []

As Bitcoin traders bet on a big rebound, did Ethereum and XRP avoid a big drop?

As theories on the potential sell-off of Bitcoin by miners emerged amidst declining sentiment around cryptocurrencies, major altcoins like Ethereum and XRP were at risk of a deep pullback. With the majority of altcoins still being correlated with Bitcoin to a large extent and analysts expecting the price of BTC to decline in the short []

Bitcoin is closer to a critical buy zone, but not all analysts agree

As Bitcoin threatens to push for lower prices, some of the most prominent analysts in the industry believe that it is getting closer to a zone that poses high levels of demand. Regardless of their positive outlook, other analysts are not as optimistic expecting a further retracement. A critical buy zone In a recent tweet, []

U.K. recognizes cryptocurrencies as tradable property

A specialized task force of senior judges and lawyers in the U.K. has recognized crypto-assets as tradable property under English law. The 46-page legal statement, which clarified the status of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and smart contracts, is the countrys effort to reintroduce confidence to the British crypto market. Huge step underway to understand crypto industry []

Coin Metrics report: More than 1.6 million Bitcoins are lost forever

According to the latest Coin Metrics report, more than 1.6 million bitcoins have been lost forever, either through duplicate transactions, unclaimed rewards, or thefts. Despite the report offering one of the most conservative estimates as to how many coins are lost, it still showed that Bitcoin is getting scarcer with each passing day. Calculating Bitcoins [] CEO Brendan Blumer says real adoption happening at the enterprise level

Brendan Blumer, the founder and CEO of, believes that blockchain technology has created a huge social movement that enabled real adoption to happen on an enterprise level. During a panel at the Blocksberg Summit, Blumer shared his thoughts on EOSIO, Block.ones ambitious blockchain project, saying the companys goal is always to align with its []

Bitcoin drops below $8200 as large transaction decrease 97% over past week

Bitcoin has been struggling to remain above the $8,000 support level in a hostile market where almost every signal indicates a bearish sentiment. The decreasing number of profitable holders on the network and a shocking 97 percent drop in large transactions spell trouble for the worlds largest cryptocurrency. Almost every Bitcoin metric in the red []

Lowlights from Zuckerbergs Libra testimony in Congress

Zuckerberg wouldnt decide to blocking off nameless Libra wallets that will … Fbs own Calibra wallet would acquire solid identification assessments.

Libra Network Logged Over 30 Projects in Past Two Months of Testing

Earlier in November, Kevin Weil, vice president of product at Facebooks Calibra digital wallet unit, said that Libra will be more similar to email tech …

Facebook Pay Allows You Send Money And Purchase Goods Within Facebook

This will be different from the Calibra wallet employed to manage Libra cryptocurrency, claimed Facebook. This is not a radical exit if you are …

What Took area at the Congressional Hearing on Fb and Libra?

Plus Fb fully owns Calibra, a digital wallet for preserving your Libra coins. What a complex aggregate of names! Anyway, diverse of us might maybe …

Australian enforcer sceptical about Google/Fitbit and Calibra commitments

As part of the planned rollout of digital wallet Calibra, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has promised the company will not combine the …