On Bitcoin Tradinger, you will find tests and rankings of the best bitcoin trading softwares of the moment such as Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Revolution

In our ranking, all softwares are free. There are no subscriptions or hidden fees. You will only have to deposit the funds you wish to invest.

All robots offer a 100% automatic mode. They are based on powerful trading algorithms and allow you to let the software work for you.

The selected trading robots all work with professional brokers. Your money is safe and you can withdraw your funds at any time.

One of the most trustworthy and popular options in the industry is currently Bitcoin Trader. The program first appeared in 2013. This trading robot promises to bring its user about $1500 – $15000 profit per day. There is no maximum amount that you can profit from the program.

Bitcoin Evolution is on team of the good guys. Their trading robot was created by a dedicated team of software engineers and crypto traders. Their years of experience and knowledge are what make this program so reputable and trustworthy.

With Bitcoin steadily positioning itself as a currency more and more apps are being created for automated trading on Cryptos and Forex. One of the pioneers in the industry and most popular choices is definitely Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Rush is the latest bitcoin trading program. It took months of development and its first results are already excellent. Bitcoin Rush will certainly make a name for itself.