Utilize your processor, grahpics cards, or your cell phone to obtain bitcoin.

Direct payments straight to yourFaucetHubaccount.

Enter the address of your BTC wallet tied toFaucetHubaccount:

Note: all your earnings will go to this address. If you want to change it, just enter another address.

Thats all! ! Download the extraction software below, and you are ready to go.

First decide what you will use (Video card or processor). A video card can extract 150-1000 hash per second, depending on what your cards are. The processor can extract 10-300 hash per second, depending on its performance and clock frequency. GPU graphics extraction is much more profitable.

Download the miner and the file with your configuration. There are no viruses, simply because its code is open and it would be difficult to slip an exploit into it. If the antivirus deleted the downloaded archive, try adding it to the list of exceptions.

Unpack the archive and move the pools configuration file to the folder with the unpacked miner.

Enjoy your profit! The award is not charged immediately, you need to wait a few minutes. You can see your received amount of hashes and BTC inPersonal account.

Power control:If you have AMD, open the amd.txt file and reduce the intensity parameter, put 300 for example, experiment, set as much as you need for comfortable work. The smaller the parameter, the less power the program consumes.

If NVidia, open the nvidia.txt file. Increase bfactor to 14 and bsleep to 100.

If you want to work only on a video card without using a processor, then edit the cpu.txt file at the very end

low_power_mode : false, no_prefetch : true, affine_to_cpu : 0 ,

low_power_mode : false, no_prefetch : true, affine_to_cpu : 2 ,

Our web miner is similar to the CPU miners provided above, but you can run it directly in your browser.

It is easier to use, but its performance is lower.

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