We hope you enjoythis episode of B Libre!, where we explore the proliferation of Bitcoin in the country of Taiwan with serial entrepreneurEdo Rauscher. Edo runs the Bitcoin House, a house with rooms for rent specifically for Bitcoin (a discount is offered for those who pay in Bitcoin) on Cijin, one of Taiwans smaller islands.

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Check out the Bitcoin House Taiwan The slice of paradise. join us for this mission or otherwise share our vision to support something meaningful we are very passionate about. We are all in. Do what you love and love what you do.

Bitcoin House Taiwan Enjoy a Slice of ParadisebyJp Buntinx

Just a few days ago, I came across an interesting new project called Bitcoin House Taiwan. Not sure what to make of it at first, I decided to check their thread onBitcoinTalkand post a reply.  A little while later, Eduard, one of the people working on the project, added me on Skype and started explaining it to me. And I have to say, Bitcoin House Taiwan is not just an idea, but its a lifestyle.

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The Bitcoin House is an interesting new project located in Cijin, a small island that is part of Taiwan. Cijin is close to the Kaohsiung Harbor, a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches.

The idea behind this project is simple: creating a space for Bitcoin enthusiasts living and working in Taiwan. Seeing as how the Bitcoin House building was previously a bed & breakfest-esque cafe, it has plenty of space to go around.

The ground floor is free to use as an office or meeting space. The top floor has five rooms one of which is currently occupied by a German freelancer. These rooms can be rented for approximately 0.6 BTC per month. The monthly rent includes utilities, and rooms come with a window, double bed, desk, ceiling fan, and wi-fi. No deposit is required to rent one of these rooms. Furthermore, tenants that volunteer for any of the projects hosted at Bitcoin house will be paid in bitcoin.

The House was established in Taiwan because it is a country of modern technology. Not only are some of the top smartphone brands located in Taiwan, but residents have also shown a strong interest in Bitcoin and digital currency. In fact, you can buy bitcoin in any of the Taiwanese Familymart convenience stores. Thus, it was only a matter of time until more Bitcoin projects sprouted up in Taiwan.

Bitcoin House is currently accepting donations to help pay rent for the building while they search for tenants to fill their rooms. The Bitcoin House Website, linked below, provides a QR code for donations.

JP Buntinx is a 29 year old cryptocurrency enthusiast from Belgium. JP has been involved in cryptocurrency since the end of 2009, back when mining Bitcoin with an Nvidia GPU was still somewhat profitable. After mining Bitcoin, JP switched to mining altcoins, and learning all he could about them. Those were the days when only 1 new coin would be released every week or so. Over the years, JP has done a lot of freelance writing for various outlets : CryptoNerd, CryptoCoinsnews, CoinTelegraph, Bitcoinist and BTCFeed. AltcoinKingdom will be added to that list in the near future. JP has also created his very own cryptocurrency news site, called CryptoArticles. Running this website together with life long friend Serge Schouterden, they have seen quite some successed during 2014. You may find JP at various Bitcoin conferences throughout Europe.

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regarding the paying rent through a bitcoin its actually really easy , we will get you an article on that too

someone was asking about the rent: 0.6btc a month at todays rate depending on the size of the room and number of different factors.

-there is no minimum lease term or neither deposit regarding the rent well that would be a subject to the size of the room and so the room charge could drop down to a third of the mentioned price if it comes to shared room.

-If you for some reason short of cash we can find alternative for you. We have done it several times before and it has proven to be working well as long as you are open to new ideas, which so far everyone were.

-We are not so profit driven, we just want to make it work and experience bitcoin world, bring you some updates on how it works in real life scenarios so and i particularly mean the physical to digital interaction as well as the full on digital engagement with bitcoin and with emphasis to meet creative minds who share the same vision. And go from there.

-I hope I am being reasonable about, i mean for a whole range of reasons that place is where anyone want to be and its for a fraction of a price you get in any city in the world and this is undoubtably one of the safest places on Earth after probably Singapore and maybe an anti nuke shelter somewhere underground we dont know about.

-house purpose is to attract bitcoiners to work together

read about our project and latest updates

I am Edo, me and a few of my friends we work on a project calledBITCOIN HOUSE TAIWAN. We took a leap of faith on this project because we believe in bitcoin and we want to create a platform for bitcoin enthusiasts living or working in Taiwan. We work on a few projects.

-One of them is a shelter for bitcoin people. Its a nice 5 bedroom house with a large office space on the ground floor. There used to be acoffee shop. House is located on a beautiful island calledCijinabout a 5 minute ride on a ferry fromKaohsiungharbour or 20 minute scooter ride though an under water tunnel.The island has a nice beach for swimming and surfing.

We would like to have bitcoiners in the house participating in our projects. People working on the projects will get paid in bitcoins. Our initial projects iswifi sharing appthrough hotspot of a cell phone or larger commercial device in a frequent area where tourists come around. Taiwan has a big advantage as you can purchasebitcoins in over 2000 locations across Taiwanin a chain of convenience storesFAMILY MART, therefore people will be only be able to buy the connection off the app or activate in exchange for bitcoin etc there is a secret sauce behind the whole project and would take days to explain to one. Once its ready it will be available to public to use. Person who shares wifi gets paid for sharing and person receiving pays for wifi connection. First of all we want to get a space to start the project and secondly we want to have a space to invite people in and live the dream life in Taiwan on a small beautiful island where you can fully focus on work with no distraction. We will try to cover the cost of the rent ourselves, but initially we need to pay deposit for the house and purchase the basic staff for running our firstbitcoin house in taiwan.

If you believe in our project as much as we do, you can help us to make this project happen by sharing our vision or give us a donation of any amount of bitcoin toBIT-STARTour project.

All the bitcoin people are more than welcome to come around anytime live with us without asking before. If you look at the

youll find the place listed as thecaffee used to accept a bitcoinbutwent out of business. We also accept a bit coin at a couple of more places atcentral parkand we are constantly working on more deals and projects to make bitcoin acceptable in many different places around Kaohsiung ( the second largest city in Taiwan).

If you have any questions about our project or have any idea or suggestion that could help us to make this dream come through, just drop me a line at bit

this is our bitcoin wallet number that you can donate and help our dream come true

or otherwise like us onFacebook, share our ​​vision on twitter, or other forums in away you think more people can reach us. We encourage people to use bitcoins to buy and use in number of ways. Also one of Our Members organises a regular meet ups here in Taiwan and he used to do so in Berlin and Osaka. He is a very big asset to our project.

We are doing it because we are able to do it. This is a very exciting and sexy idea for young people as well as any other age groups.

Or let me put it this way: Weve gone to the future for a fraction of a second and we saw a big social movement coming in years ahead and we want to be part of it. Join us for this great project and be part of it as well.

Thanks for taking time to read this and sharing our vision.

for those who would like to participate by donating bitcoins this is our account number: