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Bitcoin 2020 Price Predictions from Some of the Globes Most Influential People

Ethereum co-founder Secretly Sold $11M Worth of ETH on Christmas Day! Got Outed!

$11 million dollars worth of ETH was sold through Kraken crypto exchange on Christmas day. The identity of the individual who sold the ETH coins was a mystery until the

Crypto Exchange News (Dec. 26, 2019) We have great news for the cryptocurrency community. In a major policy reversal, the popular crypto exchange announced today that users can now

A 19-year old named Yousef Selassie was arrested yesterday and charged in what is currently stands as the largest cryptocurrency SIM swap hack to date. The Brooklyn, New York resident

Would you like to send cryptocurrency via email to your friends, family or to simply pay for something? Well, that feature is on the way, thanks to a patent issued

Popular crypto critic and gold investor, Peter Schiff warns that the recent Bitcoin price crash will be a good teacher to millennials. They are more exposed to Bitcoin and any

Tezos coin price has been experiencing a steep surge over the past few days. The privacy coin price has skyrocketed, currently trading at $1.79 at the time of this writing.

The number of Bitcoin 2020 price predictions keep coming in on a daily basis. No matter how bad or good the cryptocurrency market is doing, the predictions keep flooding social

A new report concluded that two-thirds of BTCs hash rate is controlled by Bitcoin miners in a single town outside of Chinas main capital, Beijing. According to the report by

On December 7, the top cryptocurrency exchanges have announced they are supporting the Ethereum Istanbul Hard Fork. When is the even taking place and what does it mean for ETH

Nordea Bank cryptocurrency news (December 09, 2029) Danish courts handed a victory to traditional banks. The fight centers around preventing employees from investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies during and

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