DeepSend is the blockchain privacy technology by DeepOnion to securly send high speed private payments using the anonymous Tor® network.Our story is our pride. Let me read the DeepOnion story.

DeepOnion is more than just a privacy crypto against fiat currencies, by offering simple finantial security as an answer for a blockchain powered future to be used by individuals and businesses to flourish and prosper.

With a limited supply, DeepOnion is an opportunity to rid our world of economic inflation by empowering the people to easily own, control and manage their own coins by themselves, without relying on banks and institutions that actually own and control our world.

You are welcome to our family and the amazing DeepOnion story.

DeepVault allows you to truly own your files and protect your data from tampering by storing an immutable snapshot of your data within the DeepOnion blockchain.

With the built-in Stealth Address feature, transactions can be received privately. DeepOnion Stealth Addresses protect the privacy of your balance and your transaction history.

You no longer have to wait several days or hours for a banks approval to receive a transaction. You can now send private digital money to anywhere in the world in few seconds.

Our software has several layers of privacy including the latest version of Tor®, Stealth Addresses, and our DeepSend. Our highly secure DeepOnion wallet also serves as an application layer of security.

DeepVault is a DeepOnion blockchain service that can exclusively register digital files on the DeepOnion blockchain. DeepVault can safeguard the integrity of your important files and protect your documents. For example DeepOnion DeepVault can be easily used to register new innovations and intellectual properties as copyright evidence in the court of law. DeepVault browser extensions and add-on plugins are available forChromeFirefoxOperaBraveVivaldi.

You can view a sample of how DeepVault works below.

DeepOnion dev team offers VoteCentral for the community, a remarkable blockchain-dependent voting platform to vote on the future development of DeepOnion. At VoteCentral everyone can contribute to evolving DeepOnion and all fulfilled contributions are rewarded accordingly on timely manner.

Our community members collaborated to create Academy Video Series. Everything is explained in simple terms which creates an easy learning experience for everyone. There are additional educational materials available at theCommunity Forumsuch as tutorials, guides, and videos. We also provide our community with theDeepOnion Knowledge Base, a library of guides on various topics.

Now The Bitcoin Blockchain verifies the DeepOnion Blockchain. To double the security of our Blockchain, we compute the DeepOnion Blockchain hash, to a recent block, and register this hash with Bitcoins Blockchain. So DeepOnion blockchain becomes as secure as Bitcoin blockchain.

You can now accept ONION as a payment method on your online shop. You no longer have to worry about chargebacks or substantial transaction fees. You get paid instantly for your products or services.

Our digital wallet is highly secure and developed to keep your identity and finances safe. You (and only you) have full control of your finances. Government-backed currencies cant compare to our highly private cryptocurrency.

DeepOnion wallet is equipped with Stealth Addresses. You can now receive payments in to your DeepOnion Stealth Addresses anonymously while keeping your balance and your past transactions private. So you can feel the peace of mind.

You can use DeepOnion Wallet securely in Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. The DeepOnion android wallet is also available in the Google Play Store. The Apple mobile wallet is currently in development stage.

Our coins (ONION) were freely distributed in 40 weekly rounds of airdrops. POW + POS + No ICO or without Crowdfunding means free coin distribution. DeepOnion community members are proud to be one of the most successful airdrop campaigns in all cryptocurrency history. It is very hard actually nearly impossible to replicate the success of the DeepOnion airdrops.

Secure DeepOnion wallet is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The mobile wallet is available in the Google Play Store. Also Available for Tails, Debian, and Ubuntu versions.

You have the option to download the wallet with DeepVault or without DeepVault (Faster Startup).

You have the option to download the wallet with DeepVault or without DeepVault (Faster Startup).

Community forum statistics overview. You are welcome to the Amazing DeepOnion family.

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All the latest news and project updates are in one place at the DeepOnion community forum, where like-minded people discuss and share their views.

This product is produced independently from the Tor® anonymity software.