Cryptosheet was designed to simplify and automate some of the more challenging aspects of tracking a cryptocurrency portfolio. As a downloadable spreadsheet, it comes preprogrammed with all of the functionality needed for accurate and easy analysis of your portfolio, and has been thoughtfully crafted so that even spreadsheet beginners can use it with ease. Cryptosheet is made to be used in Microsoft Excel and comes with easy to follow illustrated instructions (included with the download).

Includes live price updates directly into the spreadsheet for up-to-the minute analysis.Watch video and see a list of Cryptosheet features

Cryptosheet is intuituve to use, but weve included a user guide that explains exactly how to input your crypto transactions into the spreadsheet. Ease-of-use was a top priority, and providing easy-to-follow instructions is part of that effort.

The primary purpose of Cryptosheet is toprovide you with an intuitive and well organized interface that tracks your cryptocurrency investments and gives you a clear picture of your portfolio.It was not designed to provide any complex analysis of your investments and does not provide any tools to research future investments. Tools available on the exhanges or other services on the internet are more suited for those purposes!

This Excel spreadsheet has helped me quite a bit. I knew roughly where I stood, but now I have a better picture. I feel more in control and thats translating into better trading decisions. (I hope!). Thanks again.

Its simple to use. Happy I came across this. Seems to offer the solution I was looking for.

The nicest part about being in Excel is that I can do my own analysis there in the file. Ive added 2 more sheets in the file to jot down some info fo coins Im going to buy. Bank transfers sheet is a nice feature and formatting looks great.

I was looking for a crypto tracking solution in a spreadsheet environment. This does the job perfectly!

…attempted to make something like this on my own. Mine didnt come out very well though 🙁 . I think its awsome this is only 10 dollars.

I tried a few others, this is the best. Thanks

Well done Cryptosheet. This solved a problem for me — I frequently buy the same crypto coin multiple times at various prices and quantities. Cryptosheet gives me the weighted average cost of those purchases which is super helpful to see.