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Use Coindesk to pull the current Bitcoin price by currency.

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Step 2:Run the installer (Blockspring for Excel AddIn.msi)

Step 4:In Excels top toolbar, click the BLOCKSPRING tab. Sign in to get started.

Step 1:Visit the Google Sheets Add-In store page

Step 2:Click the blue + Free button to add Blockspring for Google Sheets to your account.

Step 3:In the new sheet. Click the Add-Ons menu ->

Blockspring ->

Open Blockspring

Create a Slack command for Get Current Bitcoin Price by Currency

Step 2:Create a new app or select an existing app.

Step 3:Click Plugins in the left sidebar in your Bubble editor.

Step 4:If you dont already have Blockspring installed, click Add Plugins and Blockspring (should be at the top).

Step 5:Click to Authenticate with Blockspring to connect your account with your Bubble app.

package, simplydownload itto your working directory.

Rscript -e r – getOption(repos); r[CRAN] – options(repos = r); install.packages(devtools); library(devtools); install_github(blockspring/blockspring.R)

Success! Open or return to your Blockspring plugin to use Get Current Bitcoin Price by Currency.

Success! Open or return to your Blockspring plugin to use Get Current Bitcoin Price by Currency.

This block isnt compatible with Tableau since it doesnt return tabular data.

Finish the setup steps to use Get Current Bitcoin Price by Currency in Slack.

CurlNodePHPPythonRubyRjQueryWebhookcurl -H Content-Type: application/json -d \currency_code\:

Run this function with a POST request to Blockspring.

var blockspring = require(blockspring); blockspring.runParsed(get-current-bitcoin-price, currency_code:

, function(res) console.log(res.params); );

var request = require(request); url: form: currency_code:

, function(err, response, body) console.log(JSON.parse(body)); );

Visit thenode.js quickstartto get started fast.

?php $url = $data = json_encode(array(currency_code =

)); // use key http even if you send the request to $options = array( http =

array( header =

array(Accept: application/json, Content-Type: application/json), method =

POST, content =

$data, ), ); $context = stream_context_create($options); $result = file_get_contents($url, false, $context); var_dump(json_decode($result)); ?

?php require(blockspring.php); var_dump(Blockspring::runParsed(get-current-bitcoin-price, array(currency_code =


import json import urllib2 req = urllib2.Request( req.add_header(Content-Type, application/json) data = currency_code:

results = urllib2.urlopen(req, json.dumps(data)).read() print json.loads(results)

import blockspring import json print blockspring.runParsed(get-current-bitcoin-price, currency_code:

Visit thepython quickstartto get started fast.

require rest_client response = JSON.dump( currency_code =

), :content_type =

require blockspring puts Blockspring.runParsed(get-current-bitcoin-price, currency_code =

require rest_client response = JSON.dump( currency_code =

), :content_type =

library(blockspring) library(rjson) print(blockspringRunParsed(get-current-bitcoin-price, list( currency_code =

script src= script src= script blockspring.runParsed(get-current-bitcoin-price, currency_code:

, api_key: , function(res) console.log(res.params); ) /script

Visit thejavascript quickstartto get started fast.

Use this URL for webhooks. Youll want to make a POST request.

Finish the setup steps to use Get Current Bitcoin Price by Currency in Code.

Converting to CSV. Your download will begin shortly.

Exporting to a new Worksheet. This should only take a few moments.

The export to your Google Spreadsheet is complete.