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Translation: What if I could go back in time and buy 655 Bitcoins for $1,000

i would be happy if i only just bought 1 or 2 damit, i cant believe this. every tom dick and harry is making mining more difficult now

This confirms my plan… From August 1st 2017 I will buy 70 euro worth of BTC every month on Kraken.

It would be nice if you showed another colum showing profit, after value of savings.

DONT remind me, I had $500 spare in 2010 and read about bitcoin and thought this could be revolutionary, was about to invest $500 and a few europeans in a 3d-graphics forum talked me out of it, said it was a scam, cant work government not gonna allow it yadda yadda, and I just forgot about it. but then again, I and many would probably have either lost it all at mtgox, and/or sold it at one of the crazy news/price swings back then. I mean if you buy at $30 and it goes to like $5 for no reason at all you question your sanity I guess. currently the system risk is way smaller, as it has matured, but to make the same crazy gains, you have to increase your initial risk capital, and I think this will happen with wealthies and institutional investors simply buying coins with amounts in the hundreds of thousands to millions and more, instead of 500 bucks…

This is depressing because it shows me how much money I couldve had if I actually followed through with my plan to put $20 a month towards Bitcoin starting in 2013.

Took me forever to even figure out how to buy bitcoin without fear it would get stolen. Now its 2017 and Im buying over $2,000USD. LOLZ!

Damn. Well time to make up for missed investment in bitcoin. Cmon mBTC grow!

$50/month since Nov 2013 puts me right where I sit now. Ive also traded amounts adding up to the low 6 figures and made fuck all for gains.

Did a couple of simulations for dca, comparing $100 per week to $400 per month. (for just 2017, and another starting 2016)

Returns for weekly dca seem to have done better.

Does this seem right? Can someone help explain why that would be the case?

(I understand its highly volatile, but wondering if $/week instead of $/month is better long term for dca hodling).

I know this comment is somewhat old. But 400 per month is less than 100 per week. 100 per week is 433 per month (each month has on average 4.33333 weeks). But also, with a rising asset, getting the money in sooner will allow you to capture more gains. If bitcoin was falling in price, itd be the opposite. I think bitcoin has a lot higher to go, so adding money as soon as possible will give the best gains. But I admittedly know not a ton about this. Anyone could be wrong, bitcoin could crash and never recover, although I dont see that happening with the mainstream attention and interest from wall street.

Damn dont care if its right or wrong, very bepressed atm 😬

That is just plain cruel. noliek like most commenters. plz DDOS DIS SITE NAW

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