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$31 to $2 was the worst because i was super poor back then.

Was bad for me cos I binned my machine not caring about my wallet 😂

Im super poor NOW. This gives me much hope! Thank you!

I was hoping th magnitude of the crashes would decrease as bitcoins value rose higher, but this doesnt seem to be the case.

This is how exponential growth works. The magnitude stays about the same, logarithmically.

You might still be right in general; maybe 2014 was an outlier.

If it stays the same, its still a tiny decrease compared to the others.

Thank fuck for the extra column translating months to years. Would never have comprehended.

I think theres like 10 months in a year or something, not quite sure.

Past performance does not predict future results. Cant be said enough in here

Confidence levels are a thing though, and they increase with more data.

Yep. You could die tomorrow. Just because youve been surviving your whole life so far doesnt mean you will continue to do so.

But the chances of that are fairly low, compared to your chances of staying alive and continuing to grow.

Yes, but the people who always see fit to remind everyone of this, very often are just bitcoin hyper-skeptics who turn around and spew disparaging comment after comment, essentially using whatever the most recent crash is, as evidence that bitcoin has failed or is failing (I.e. hypocritically using past performance).

The truth is that past performance is not agoodpredictor of future results…but it is actually the best one we have.

Those of us who have been in bitcoin since near the beginning have had to learn this the hard way; but investing for the long-term (with proper security and not keeping funds on exchanges) hasnt let us down.

Stop day trading. Stop trying to time the market. Stop investing even close what you can afford to lose. If you insist on doing those things anyway: stop coming back to reddit and crying for regulation or blaming manipulators, etc.

Understand thelong-term value proposition of bitcoinand chill.

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