Gold bug Peter Schiff got dragged on Twitter after spouting false information about bitcoin. Schiff incorrectly claimed that BTC prices have plunged 15% since June 19. By comparison, Schiff gloated that gold prices have spiked 10% during the same period. Instead of dropping, Schiff said the

Bitcoin basher Peter Schiff, an avowed gold bug, got dragged on Twitter after spouting a false claim about the bitcoin price. Source: AP Photo / Mark Lennihan

Gold bug Peter Schiff got dragged on Twitter after spouting false information aboutbitcoin. Schiff incorrectly claimed that BTC prices have plunged 15% since June 19.

By comparison, Schiff gloated that gold prices have spiked 10% during the same period.

Instead of dropping, Schiff said the bitcoin price should have climbed due to a combination of favorable press, weakness in global currency and stock markets, andfalling interest rates.

Schiff then derisively suggested that BTC holders are probably experiencing some remorse about not selling. Hodlers should wonder whos been selling, and why, he tweeted.

Francis Pouliot, the CEO of Canada-based bitcoin exchange Bull Bitcoin, reacted by drop-kicking Schiff on Twitter.

Pouliot attached a chart contradicting Schiffs claims and showing the gradual crescendo in the bitcoin price over the past seven weeks.

You, sir, are lying. Bitcoin increased $2,000 per coin since June 19th.

In a follow-up tweet, Pouliot said Schiffs mistake probably stemmed from his trauma from the guilt of leading his followers away from unfathomable wealth since 2013 by repeatedly dissing crypto.

Other crypto bulls chimed in to smack down Schiff, whom they believe was intentionally spewing FUD. In the past, Schiff has repeatedly trashed bitcoin and dismissed its investors as dumb, inexperienced kids.

One Twitter user suggested that Peter Schiff is enamored with gold because thats what people in his age group like. No one under 50 years old wants gold, he snipped.

Another joked that Baby Boomers are in for a rude awakening when theyre forced to sell all their gold to cover medical expenses at the same time when millennials take over a new digital economy.

Gabor Gurbacs of investment management firm VanEck referred Schiff to a prior tweet, where he said that gold bugs created a good number of bitcoin fans.

Gurbacs implication is that bitcoin and gold should coexist instead of competing with each other in a zero-sum game where only one asset survives.

Another member of Crypto Twitter shared a hilarious poem, where he playfully mocked Peter, Peter gold bug dear.

Ninety minutes after his initial tweet, Schiff corrected himself and admitted he made a mistake. Schiff noted that bitcoin is down 15% from its June 26th high, not June 19th.

In response to Schiffs continued negative spin, VanEcks Gurbacs suggested that Schiff compare bitcoin to gold using standardized one-year, three-year, five-year, and 10-year periods.

Gurbacs promised that as a gold guy, you should like what youll find.

That riposte garnered plenty of Twitter props.

The U.S. stock markets wild fluctuations this week ignited speculation that the bitcoin price spiked because investors were flocking to it as a hedge against market turmoil.

Many crypto bulls believe that increasing geopolitical conflicts caused investors to seek refuge in safe-haven assets such as gold, U.S. Treasury bills, and bitcoin. However, because of its extreme volatility, bitcoin is not widely considered a safe-haven asset.

That said, theres no denying that bitcoin is experiencing a massive surge since the brutal 2018 bear market. Year-to-date, thebitcoin priceis up more than 200%.

Samantha Chang is a New York City-based financial editor who writes about crypto and business atCCN. She is a law school grad and an alum of the University of Pennsylvania. You can reach her on Twitter atSamantha Changor email her at .

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