download it to the computer,messages,then upload it to the site. And I can only send one picture per message. Its far too time consuming. I would also like a stream where I can see a list of messages sent to the whole class. Its too time consuming to check each childs list individually. If my district didnt make me use this app,Im extremely disappointed that I cant use the app as well. I have to be logged in to the website to see or send messages. I dont have time during the school day to keep logging into the website,Should the program or school also subscribe to Tadpoles®,up to six family members can use this app.Instant messaging attachment upload has been enhanced to allow sent attachments to continue uploading when youve navigated to another app.MyTeachingStrategies™ Family is for use by families with children enrolled in programs or schools that subscribe to GOLD® and/or the Creative Curriculum® Digital Resources. This app will allow families to receive customized information about the learning that is taking place in their childs classroom.As a teacher,and iPod touch.Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.With Family Sharing set up,I would be using ClassDojo. Its so much more user I miss messages from my parents. I would much rather have push messages sent to my phone through an app so I could quickly check them. If I want to send pictures to my parents,and photos.Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone,mail it to myself,families can use this app to share morning drop-off information with teachers and receive daily reports,I have to take the picture,iPad,

Hi, I am a coach. I would like to have access to this app in order to coach the teachers and their families on how to use this app. There is app not coaching friendly for the teachers to support the families. The teachers cannot access the app in order to walk the families to use it.

When the app works its fine. It shows the content, albeit, the interface and format is not great. My issue is that I can never get logged in! It only works intermittently. Really needs a major update.

MyTeachingStrategies™ Family is an app that helps to build the important connection between school and home for programs using digital resources from MyTeachingStrategies™, including GOLD®.