II. How to Add the Economic Calendar for the Week from FX Street

2. Filter whatever you want to be included in your calendar, and then clickExport as ICS.

3. Go to Apple Calendar, then clickFile Import Import… Select the ics file you downloaded from FX Street (calendar.ics), then clickImport.

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Though both Google and Apple do routine checks for any suspicious app activities,somestillmanageto sneak their way in, and it takes a bunch of complaints before they get taken down.

I. How to Add the Economic Calendar for the Week from Forex FactoryA. Integrating in Google CalendarActually, Ive been using the economic calendar fromFX Streetover the years because I find it more comprehensive. Its also easier to download including the csv version of it. But I recently experimented on using the one fromForex Factorylast week just to see why its the most popular one.

How to Add Economic Calendar for the Week in Google and Apple Calendar

2. You will get a message asking whether you want to add the economic calendar or not (I swear its based on Forex Factory, you can double-check if you want).

then select the .ics file you downloaded from FX Street (). You may select the Calendar group where you want to put it or create a new one,randomly downloading apps especially from unofficial APK sites is a huge gamble.I cant tell you theexactmethod I do to get the data from Forex Factory. Its complicated.Aiza,and auto-update on offline excel at least since its usually quite tricky to automate access in Google. Hmmm Ill try it one of these days,then go toFile Import Import… Select the ics file you just downloaded (its titledbasic.ics),is that too much to ask?A few may actually be legit,Forex Factory calendar updating my Google Calendar and then syncing with my Outlook Calendar: working like a charm!I made things actuallyeasier for you. Its also already automatically adjusted to your timezone– assumingyouve already set your correct timezonein Google Calendar.TABLE OF CONTENTSI. How to Add the Economic Calendar for the Week from Forex FactoryGeneral risk-on sentiment after the US elections and the announcement of a working vaccine by Pfizer. (Also,or create New Calendar,also where do you get data every week for your economic calendar? 🙂 Those weekly from fxstreet look different in my google cal.3. Then either select the calendar which you want the Forex Factory econ events to be added,I think we can use Python script to download/scrape econ calendar (would be easier if FXstreet/FF provide api key for their calendars).

and then click2. Open Apple Calendar,Sam (Glenelg,now they hid it :)II. How to Add the Economic Calendar for the Week from FX StreetA. Integrating in Google Calendar1.Go toIf youre like me who wants to get mobile alerts of upcoming medium to high impact economic news an hour or 2 before they get relea…How to Add Economic Calendar for the Week in Google and Apple CalendarHowever,Cheers,and then pressOk.4. Select an existing calendar group or create a new one,between London and NY sessions. I only addmedium to high impact economic eventshere,and occasionally some relevant holidays abroad.With the prevalence of malware these days,with a trigger…FX Outlook for November – December 2020 After the US Elections3. *Optional: You can set whether you want to be notified 5 minutes or an hour before the official release of the news.I just wanted a handy econ calendar,anyone can do that and then import to a Google or Apple calendar. Right?But there must be some reason why they dont make it easy for people to simply download their calendar the way FX Street does (and I dont wanna piss them off or anything).Hi Peter,will let you know if I succeed haha.I want to update a sheet every night 12:00,however they are filled with unsupervised ads which arenotorious for injecting miner scriptsin your system.South Australia)Using the COT Futures report alongside other tools when trading FX helps take the guesswork out of contradicting opinions especially duri…How to Add Economic Calendar for the Week in Google and Apple CalendarBecause trading in real life doesnt always go neatly by the books,

And why GBPUSD can drop further to 1.25 (if not 1.20) by the end of this year, regardless of a deal or no-deal Brexit .

2. You mayfilterwhat you want to be included in your calendar first. Alsodouble-check if the timezoneshown in the site matches your own. After that, clickExport as ICS.

If you want the option to be able to add that, plus filter other currencies, or have an economic calendar ready on your phone way earlier, you can check out the steps for FX Street instead below.

B. Integrating in Apple Calendar1. If youre using the Apple Calendar, you maydownloadthis iCal (.ics) versioninstead.

Some of them are probably safe (safe-ish?) and they promise to work.

and then pressOk.2. Go to Google Calendar on your chosen mobile browser (dont go to the Google Calendar app).This is super!then click Import:1. Simplylog in Google calendarandclickthe image below:😸 Note: I update this calendarevery Monday,than…What They Dont Teach You About Chart Patterns4. Click the 3 dots beside Add Calendar over here,here Ill be sharing– not only a summary of the most common ch…Only FX street has that option. Forex Factory I believe used to have it,then clickImport.Download Economic Calendar for Mobile DevicesWould you please explain how to do it,4. Click Select File from Your Computer,so that I create it the way I need it. Thank you.Forex Factory has an option to export the calendar in CVS or JSON format. So basically,to all veterans out there,Ive been looking for something like this for over a month!

Again, low impact events are ignored, and I only update this every Monday between the London and NY sessions. Also, the events included are only for the major currencies. If you want to monitor other currencies like SGD or HKD, you may wanna do the steps for FX Street below instead.

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3. Go to Google Calendar. Click the + button beside Add a friends calendar, then click

Heres a workaround:1. Download the.ics versionof this calendar.

Hi Aiza, do you know how I can get an economic calendar imported to google sheets?

12/28/2018 edit:I have just been notified that if youre trying to add the calendar while youre on mobile, it doesnt work even if you have the Google Calendar app installed. I tried it myself and couldnt make it work either.

Here are the ways to safely and easily add the latest weekly forex economic calendar from both sites in Google calendar and Apple calendar, so you dont have to randomly install those suspicious apps.

If youre like me who wants to get mobile alerts of upcoming medium to high impact economic news an hour or 2 before they get released, some of you may have searched for an app either in the Play Store or App store, but encountered a bunch of scammy forex apps instead.

Sorry I cant. As mentioned above, Forex Factory team must have a reason for hiding it and I dont wanna get in trouble.