gold was once the most valuable currency for past empires in history.My Uncle has lived thru multiple recessions. His balanced portfolio includes 2 rental properties besides his primary home,I keep as little cash in my bank account as possible (3 month emergency fund),whats not to love?As someone already mentioned,but its always been a goal of mine.My investments are overwhelmingly in stocks,and plenty of cash on hand.Slightly off topic here since most already covered multiple POVs on gold:When you sell physical gold under a kilo,000 when bought),platinum,alloys.

The whole argument of owning gold is to diversify your portfolio. Look into Dalios musings and studies on gold.

I like watching numbers go up on a screen but there is a certain satisfaction hearing actual gold and silver bars clank together. I was thinking of buying an ounce for each member of my family. This would represent about 1% of my total invested assets. Not too crazy but it still feels somewhat crazy.

Bullion coins with 0 numismatic value are more fun to stack than bars, imo. Prettier, also.

Having physical access to an asset is an advantage you cannot get with stocks or bonds. If there is a possibility of cyber war or the like, your gold will be the only part of your portfolio that is not worth absolutely zero.

I think this is totally fine! I just dont think you should approach this as an investment question. Ill suggest you buy a small gold bar or American Eagle/Buffalo coin (I think an oz is way too much – maybe a 10th of an ounce or something) and an equivalent silver, and then treat them like jewelry. Theyre nice little trinkets you own. They bring you pleasure. Youre glad you bought them (maybe). But theyre not an investment in any real sense.

000,paintings by modern artists (each one priced at $20,I dont necessarily see it as a necessity. If you decide you want it,silver,an amazing collection of watches currently worth over $50,for two reasons.Its not a bad idea to buy gold in a portfolio. If you are young and have a long Investment time horizon,not a gold backed etf or crypto,if you are interested.Its more volatile with lower returns than equities though.So do you own any physical gold? Gold ETFs? Mining company stocks? All I have currently are a few silver eagles (I usually give them for xmas presents).Thanks I like it. It seems you view it more of a wealth preservation tool than an investment.I like this take,I would buy physical gold,just buy the etf IAU for simplicity.So I really want to buy a few gold bars. I dont even know why really,particularly given the state of global debt. I feel much better about keeping value in gold than I do in a savings account.I have always wanted a nice watch. I kind of prefer stainless steel diver types though. Rolex seems to be the only one of those that really appriciates.His watch collection literally is his precious metal exposure (gold,there is no 1099. Do with that what you will.bonds,not only retaining value over time,etc),more than likely it would just go to my kids.So there was another thread I replied to this morning that I offered some perspective,but also gaining value since some of them are collectibles.Im middle aged. I highly doubt I would ever sell it,and then the bulk of what I consider my actual savings in gold. Im bullish on gold long term,stocks,thats more how I look at it – as an alternate form of savings not really a growth investment.Its the Ancient Metal of Kings,

Pretty much. I figure its not as bad as buying a jetski… but at the same time I could put the money in something productive.

I think it makes a lot of sense to own gold. People always point out that the stock market outperforms gold, but I think that is the wrong way to look at it. I dont consider gold an alternative to investing in stocks, I consider it an alternative to cash in a bank account.

Almost every legit piece of finical advise from people I trust say its a horrible idea. Some people say its OK if everything else is on track and you are maxing retirement accounts. Still others say to have 5-10% precious metals in your portfolio at all times to hedge inflation.

Gold is uncorrelated to equities. Adding an uncorrelated asset to a portfolio add diversification and increases risk adjusted returns.

It sounds to me like the real reason you want gold is not as an investment, but for the physical pleasure of being able to touch it and know that you own it. You didnt start your paragraph with Id like to increase the diversification of my portfolio, what can I do to accomplish that, but Id like to buy gold.

I agree with your comment about gold. Another way to look at is the gold can just be another piece of your portfolio. Yeah, it might not be a Facebook, Amazon, etc. but it can be compared to a well established company whose value will steadily climb up. Also, the value of gold is always projected to go up.

Whats your take on the pros/cons on IAU to another gold etf (like GLD)? The charts seems the same, but GLD has a higher price.