Meanwhile, Bitcoin has been growing strongly on the back of the US dollar weakness, caused by the expectations of a larger fiscal stimulus for the American economy, with the Democrats coming into the White House, compared with the measures proposed by Donald Trumps administration.

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Bitcoin hits record high for year amid US election chaos

Speaking .ukhe claimed: The declining gold ETFs are bringing thoughts ofBitcoin becoming a new safe-haven asset, the way gold is, closer to reality.

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This makes investors look for assets that would simply protect their investments from losses. More of them are consideringBitcoin as a good hedge asset against global economic risks and rising inflationary risks.

He added: Market pundits like Peter Schiff are looking quite foolish now as the market recognisesBitcoin is superior to gold as a store of value.

Bitcoin surge escalates as market recognises its superior to gold as a store of value

gold had only risen for a couple of days to only fall sharply from 9th November to September lows.Express. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express.Royal BOMBSHELL: Meghan and Harry could host live podcast recordings filings showBitcoin price ROCKETS: Cryptocurrency price breaks through $20,Bitcoin has now moved to become a safe haven,order back issues and use the historic Daily Express newspaper archive.Bitcoin price boom: Cryptocurrency surges 15% in 24 hours after breaking recordBITCOINS current surge has led one expert to claim the market recognises Bitcoin is superior to gold as a store of value.Sales soar for Christmas Tree World as shoppers display space and sustainability concernsDespite the weakness of the US dollar subsequent to the US presidential elections,000 by end of 2021 not out of the questionArtist praised by Michael Caine launches Universe collection for cryptocurrency market [REPORT]Martin Lewis Bitcoin warning revealed: You could lose everything!the experts suggested.Company behind Sports Direct says post-lockdown boost and online sales increasing profitsBitcoin could skyrocket to $300,A gold ETF is where a trader buys an asset backed by gold rather than buying the physical commodity itself.000 barrier for first timePound sterling BOOM: Pound SOARS as investors rally to UK on news of Brexit dealPound to euro price: Sterling plummets as Europe closes borders over mutant Covid strainAlso,especially amid the rising inflationary risks and deepening global economic crisis and the second wave of COVID-19 and resurgence of lockdown measures around the world.As uncertainty over the stock-market continues with many predicting a stock plunge,China prediction: When Beijing enters global race to secure Bitcoin price could spikeThe Cornish Fishmonger nets ecommerce gain for its sustainable seafood feastsHe said: One reason is that Paypal is offering cryptocurrency buying and selling.Bitcoin price to grow ten times by end of 2022 as JP Morgan estimates value of $650,000Pound to euro price: Sterling surges as Boris Johnson secures changes to Brexit dealSee todays front and back pages,[INSIGHT]Meghan Markle tipped to make surprise reunion for online fundraiser by fans: So excited!000).Dazzling festive treats signal hope as St Pancras puts on a stunning showThe second is that public companies are now realising they better get on board.Make the most of your money by signing up to our newsletter forTop notch headwear maker Laird Hatters expands with new label and storeThe recent bullishness ofBitcoin against the declining gold ETFs has certainly been luring more attention from the investing society to the flagship cryptocurrency,download the newspaper,there is the input of legendary investors like Stan Druckenmiller who have been publicising that theyre bullish.Bitcoin now attracting worlds deepest pool of capital – This is a HUGE dealPound to euro rate: GBP Sterling in biggest rise in a month as Brexit deal IMMINENTMr Keiser claimed the latest bullish movement withBitcoin is a trifecta that will spikeBitcoin to above $100,000 (76.

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Konstantin Anissimov, Executive Director, CEX.IO also suggested investors are moving toBitcoin instead of using gold ETFs (exchange-traded funds) as a safe haven.

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On Friday JP Morgan stated: Even a modest crowding out of gold as an alternative currency over the longer term would imply doubling or tripling of theBitcoin price. The investment bank and financial services company added: The potential long-term upside forBitcoin is considerable as it competes more intensely with gold as an alternative currency we believe, given that Millenials would become over time a more important component of investors universe. Speaking .ukBitcoin pioneer Max Kesier claimed: Money is flowing out of gold and intoBitcoin by institutions.

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Gold is not absolutely scarce like Bitcoin, so its use as a store of value is now permanently in decline against Bitcoin.

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TheBitcoin price as of Friday 13 November is 12,366, and its price has steadily increased in the last month.

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