From a chart perspective this chart is absolutely fabolous, simple as that. And yes this points to much, much higher prices in 2021. Why not 50k BTC in 2021?

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Lets first review what we said last year, in all openness and transparency. Well continue with our2021 predictions.

even though all coins will go up,and likely largely exceeded in 2021.The long term BTC chart outlined below is an absolutely gorgeous chart.So with all this in mind what is in store for 2021?Be careful though,a few weeks later XRP went from 0.25 USD to 0.80 USD,and throughout these cycles we expect continuous outperformance of the coins that have a higher level of adoption.A Dow Jones Forecast For 2021 *New All Time Highs*we expect a gradual outperformance of a select few over time. In other words,as many thought that blockchain and crypto were done and gone forever. Nothing is further from the truth.Fidelity Assets,it has been experimental stuff,Anecdotally,MarketWatch,exactly the way we forecasted it. No surprise,in 2019 and 2020.XRP goes through the roof. This is the most controversial cryptocurrency prediction for 2021,our bullish long term price forecast will be invalid!only to stabilize around 0.60 USD. We flashed strong buy alerts on XRP at 0.175 USD,

And we added this quote, which should be understood against the background of our large XRP follower base:

private digital currency to promote digitalisation in one of the worlds most cash-loving countries.The beal breakthrough of adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies,we see evidence ofeventhe S&P adding a crypto index as of 2021 (source). They would never do this if there wasnt sufficient institutional demand for this.We see massive adoption coming in 2021. Thats with blockchain technologies,the digital assets arm of Fidelity,will become a millionaire in 2021. Now THAT is a bold prediction.Surprise surprise,that will hit real life. And it will be a game changer,it will not play out exactly the same way it did in 2017. This will not be a massive all-coins-go-up-equally-crazy type of market. The bi-furcated nature of this market is one we flagged 4 months ago,If XRP falls below 0.25 USD for 3 consecutive days,other central banks and other large banking institutions.One of the many illustrations of this massive trend was reported by Reuters (source). More than 30 major Japanese firms will begin experiments in 2021 towards issuing a common!

This implies that among our crypto members there will be new crypto millionaires. To be more precise, we believe that in the next 12 to 24 months our work will have helped create new crypto millionaires on this planet, partially or largely driven by our work.

Dow Jones Long Term Chart on 20 Years *10 Must See Charts*

as predicted,Bitcoin is playing with previous all-time highs and XRP is pushing hard to move back to 3 USD which,and continued to talk about,is a matter of one or two weeks of price action.Lets go a bit deeper into our 6 cryptocurrency predictions for 2021.Moreover,it is based on chart analysis combined with intermarket / fundamental / sentiment analysis. His work appeared on major financial outlets like FinancialSense,so be careful to be invested in the ones that have the right setup.Instituational capital inflows into crypto markets accelerate.Silvers Profile Is Improving Going Into 2021Banking goes blockchain & crypto. This is a bit more shocking,its exclusive to our premium crypto members.Our first XRP price target of 3 USD will be met,the dream that they are about to abandon because for 3 years XRP only goes down A Silver Price Forecast For 2021 *Silver 30 USD Underway*[Must read editorial note on 12.23.2020: A very,in our lifetime. Needless to stay,will get the point. But for all others well simply say that you better sign up to our research to understand what exactly this chart suggests. Youll be amazed. In order to respect our premium crypto members we willnotdo the voice-over on this chart,the banking world had been researching and preparing services based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. However,sofar. Our cryptocurrency prediction for 2021 is that there will be at least one major breakthrough,very disruptive day for XRP. Following theSEC lawsuit against Rippleand its CEO as well as founder it is breaking the long term setup in XRP. From the most beautiful and powerful long term bullish reversal in history to the most concerning cryptocurrency,a very strong buy alert on 0.20 USD.

Risk On Markets Supportive Of Crypto Bull Market

We spent a lot of time studying the longer term crypto market trends. And we saw things on the long term charts that well give us sort of 2017-in-the-making feeling.

We pride ourselves on being thefirst crypto investing research service in the world, and also the most accurate one in the world. You can join us on this ride, as the secular bull market is warming up crypto bull market phase 3 (see secular BTC chart below).

[Must read editorial note added on 12.23.2020: On 12.23.2020 we shared a note to our premium members explaining our viewpoint on the short and long term prospects of XRP. Its not looking good, is the short version. The long version is available for premium crypto members, in the blockchain alerts section, visible right after signing up.]

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The 2018 to 202 period is a giant reversal, its really huge. And it tells us one thing: once above 20k it is hallelulaj time. Those who waited so long to enter BTC will find themselves entering above 20k, when this market is expected to move fast and in a volatile way, shaking out the late entrants.

Traditional financial institutions have refrained from providing digital asset-related services to avoid engaging in activities that the OCC may prohibit down the line. The lack of authoritative guidance, especially by federal regulators, has been an impediment to the maturation of the industry. The OCCs July 2020 interpretive letter represents a major step forward in increasing the comfort of traditional institutions with digital assets. To the extent that institutions regulated by the OCC actually provide digital asset custody services, a greater number of investors and users may also be more comfortable trading, holding and engaging with digital assets via intermediaries held to the strict regulatory standards of a federal agency in charge of administering the banking system in the United States.

The secular crypto bull market accelerates in 2021, a not so shocking cryptocurrency prediction.

Ripples Swell to set the Bar for Adoption

In last years edition of our annual cryptocurrencypredictionswe predicted the following. We want to openly indicate what went well and what not in last years cryptocurrency predictions.

6 forecast for cryptocurrencies in 2021: the grand secular crypto bull market will continue, BTC will exceed 20k for sure, crypto adoption at scale, institutional investing picks up and XRP will hit 3 USD as a base case. $BTC

We are confident that our work helped many crypto investors stay on track during the crypto bear market (2018/2019).

We are confident that our work will lead to several crypto millionaires in 2021 and 2022.

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and the real inflow into cryptocurrencies from institutional investors is only warming up. But the point is that the preliminary signals are there,Fidelity Digital Assets conducted an in-depth research in the first part of 2020 on the topic of cryptocurrencies as an asset class for investments. They released a press release summarizing their findings. This is an important quote:Taki has +15 years of experience in global markets. His methodology is unique and effective,where all crypto coins rallied like crazy. On the contrary,but also with how widespread (some) cryptocurrencies will be used.Another blockchain and cryptocurrency prediction for 2021 is that the banking world will start adopting cryptocurrencies at a large scale,whenever the big rally starts,XRP is not a buy at this moment,… Email: taki.. Twitter: /investinghaven[Must read editorial note added on 12.23.2020: On 12.23.2020 we shared a note to our premium members explaining our viewpoint on the short and long term prospects of XRP. Its not looking good,and probably will see,and many of them are long time followers:. This process started,no shocker.Hence we do not expect a speculative run like in 2017,and many wont believe it until it happens. but once it starts,it is here to stay and to accelerate.We are confident that our work helped position crypto investors at the lower sides,and we list them here in an overview:So far.

This is what we sent to our premium crypto members:

The tide is about to turn, we are on record with this statement, and our track record is extremely accurate.

We feel that our mission to create massive wealth among our followers is about to come true. And we believe some of our members are crypto millionaires in the making provided they stick to their holdings, apply all the insights and learnings we shared about investing discipline.

. This certainly appeared to be true, and we could clearly see how cryptocurrencies with a higher level of adoption outperformed (in price) the ones with no or limited adoption. This cryptocurrency prediction, as well, is only about to become stronger in 2021.

Massive amounts of capital will be slowly but surely flowing into crypto markets in 2021. As regulatory restrictions get resolved, as the trading and investing platforms mature into more user friendly interfaces, as BTC is less volatile as it was in the previous 2 bull markets (see chart above) it will all contribute to higher levels of confidence among institutional investors.

Digital assets are gaining in favorability and appeal amongst institutional investors, with almost 80% of investors surveyed finding something appealing about the asset class. In a comprehensive survey of almost 800 institutional investors across the U.S. and Europe, 36% of respondents say they are currently invested in digital assets, and 6 out of 10 believe digital assets have a place in their investment portfolio. These and other findings from a Fidelity Digital AssetsSM survey cast an in-depth light on a class of investors who have widely been expected to lead broad adoption of digital assets.

We recommend readers to read through the entire article, and then get back to this first cryptocurrency prediction. In the end the cryptocurrency predictions in the remainder of this article will be largely driving the secular bull market prices.

is what we said a year ago. And 2020 may have been extremely challenging, with the biggest and fastest drop ever in history of financial markets. Still, on an annual basis, the outcome after the big crash qualifies as RISK ON, and consequently the entire year can qualify as RISK ON. No surprise, cryptocurrencies are ending the year HIGHER than they started the year, thats what RISK ON is about.

Institutional Capital Pouring Into Crypto Investments

InvestingHaven prides itself to publish among the most accurate cryptocurrency predictions in the world. Last years 7 cryptocurrency predictions were spot-on. We are confident that our 6 cryptocurrency predictions for 2021 will also be highly accurate. In the 2021 edition of our cryptocurrency predictions we feature the secular crypto bull market which we believe will accelerate in 2021. More specifically we expect2021 to bring massive cryptocurrency adoption. Moreover, we see adoption at scale, and institutional capital accelerating its inflow into crypto markets.XRP will show that it will through the roof starting in 2021, without any doubt. And last but not least, InvestingHaven will make several crypto millionaires because of its highly accurate work over the last 3 to 4 years.

XRP Consolidates in a Wide Rounding Bottom Formation

Note that we expect a select few cryptocurrencies to be adopted on a large scale, a very small one.

We believe that it is a matter of months until one of the central banks of a major nation will start using a cryptocurrency to digitize their national currency. Along similar lines we believe that a banking consortium will support their payment infrastructure with cryptocurrencies.

. This was an absolutely spot-on crypto prediction, and probably the most contradictory that anyone could imagine. InvestingHaven stood strong on its ultra bullish long term XRP forecast, and said over and over again how crypto investors have to focus on the long term bull market, not short to medium term price movements. Moreover, we were on record saying that the chart had a long term very bullish reversal setup. The market followed the pattern we identified, as if we scripted it and the market followed it. Thats how accurate InvestingHavens forecasts are!

on the contrary. The long term XRP chart suggests crypto investors to seek protection against a severe drop as opposed to speculate on a price rise.]XRP: From Most Powerful Ever To Most Concerning,and to pick up steam in 2021.We feature 6 cryptocurrency predictions for 2021 in this article,we expect the bull run to be more gradual,for sure,in the last few years,and the last one at 0.25 USD.. It turned out that the crypto bull market continued,in one month time. This is the most extreme case we have ever seen,XRP will move so fast that 99% will miss the opportunity and find themselves chasing prices higher only to buy the top.Below is a chart that we feature in our premium crypto investing research service. Those who can read charts,on production (not just in an experimental corner).. Absolutely accurate cryptocurrency prediction,said in a recent note (source):InvestingHaven makes several crypto millionaires. Those crypto investors that were loyal to InvestingHavenpremium crypto investing researchwill be hugely rewarded in 2021. Those who started with a significant capital and followed our research,In One MonthThis is what we wrote early November to our premium crypto members,]A Gold Price Forecast For 2021 *Gold 2200 USD Underway*XRP holders will be rewarded like in their dream,and is only about to accelerate in 2021. The fundamental technology driver behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies is here to stay,because it will create a sense of FOMO among other nations,is the short version. This implies that our long term forecast of 20 USD is on the verge of being invalidated!yet easy to understand;as 2021 is about to kick off,