Multicurrency cryptowallet with built-in instant exchange

About Us

About Us

Our innovative website is the result of an exhaustive collaboration between a team of highly dedicated Bitcoin industry enthusiasts. We recognised that, whilst there were certainly many services for individual crypto currency pairs, none offered a consolidated solution that facilitated the exchange of all of the most popular cryptocurrencies within one single tool. A challenge that we felt was simply too good to refuse! So, we harnessed our extensive IT Security expertise, our strong track record in the delivery of complex technical projects, our passion for all things Bitcoin, and our fascination for the very latest trends in decentralised finance, and our ground-breaking new website was born!

BIT.AC is the most sophisticated multi-currency wallet with the added capability of instantly converting one cryptocurrency into another.

It presently features 12 popular cryptocurrencies, with many more in the pipeline!

  • The world's most sophisticated multi currency crypto wallet with an integrated cross-currency exchange system
  • Features a quick-opening wallet with over 12 different cryptocurrencies, as well as a simple and intuitive account management area
  • Boasts the added capability of sending crypto coins both directly to a hash address or via E-mail
  • Benefits from a handy mobile wallet for Android smartphones and thus slips readily into your pocket
  • Operates a unique and profitable affiliate program
BIT.AC is simple and easy to use and, as it only takes an instant to open your chosen crypto-currency wallet, it also saves a considerable amount of time. Indeed, sending, receiving and exchanging currency has never been more practical.

Single Wallet For all your crypto currencies BIT.AC allows you to send, receive, exchange and even earn crypto coins

  • Register your BIT.AC account

  • Open a new crypto currency wallet

  • Immediately start receiving, sending and exchanging crypto currencies